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Our kidlettes

I wonder if our kidlettes who're in their teens realize how much their love and attention means to /us/, now that they've started flying with their own wings?

The Spawnlette has been a /total joy/ since yesterday right up until now (not that she stopped, but we're taking a break). After school, she was back to her former self, telling me gossip about friends and school, and sharing her girl-secrets with me. She also had a little journal of quotes she's been writing down, and read some of them to me. They were very mature and thought-provoking. I am so proud of her.

Today, we were on a mission. Get me to stop THINKING about being in pain. We went to Made by U, and picked two pieces to paint. I have a pen-holder with the word "peace" written in Japanese on it, and she made a spoon holder for me, with a pig under the sun. They were both equally good in their own genres. :D I'm kinda proud of mine. She googled "peace" on her phone, and I drew it from there. It came out wonderfully. Hopefully, I'll remember to take a pic of it before I drag it to work. After that, we slid by Guthrie's, since she missed breakfast.


OF course MY SIZE 5/6 BUTT HAD ALREADY EATEN ENOUGH FOR EVERYBODY. I've GOTTA stop this eating thing. I don't just eat...I GRAZE. lol I'm gonna end up in three, four, five larger sizes if I don't put a stop to it. They say a dog is the only animal that will eat itself to death; but I'm thinking *I* could do the same thing. Just sayin'...I need to back away from the kitchen and resist the urge.

The Spawnlette took inventory of my closet (she always does), and found some things that don't fit ME, yet fit HER now. This is a good thing, both physically and emotionally (for both of us, different reasons). :) And of course anything that's mine is already hers as it is.

She called this our "date weekend". LOL. We're going to watch V for Vendetta (one of our favorites), and eat junk all night. That'll roll into tomorrow, and we're going to church, then watching MORE movies as we chill for the rest of the day. :) :) I'm happy she didn't drag her friends over, or invite them. I just heard her tell one of her friends that "she wanted to spend some free time with just her mom". There is no stronger love than a mother for her child. Just isn't.

So that's that. My knee's all swollen, but for the past few hours I've scarcely paid it any attention. It is aching, though, and I might take another hot bath. It helps with the pain a little bit. =/ Nothing ever just "kills" the pain, though, so it's going to be a long night. This time though, I'm gonna try that lying-down-while-sleeping thing, in lieu of last night's stay-upright-in-bed-with-all-the-lights-on thing. WTH.

For right now, I'm watching High Crimes again (just refound it after missing it for more than a year). Am propping the knee up with a heating pad. The weather is a gorgeous 65, sunny degrees, so I suppose that's a blessing. If it was any worse, I'm sure the pain would be, too.

I hope all my friends are having a great weekend, and know love as I do. :) It warms the heart, to be around someone for whom you feel so much affection, and they feel it for you, too. :> Yeah, yeah, enough of all that. I'm about to fringe on writing bad country music.

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