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My meez is fixed and above. Er...I still don't get it. lol :>

My bedroom is nice and tidy. Since yesterday was my first "good day" I've had since I've been sick, I definitely went overboard with just about everything. My knees are paying the price for it, but it feels so good to wake up to a nice, clean, organized house, particularly my bedroom since I use it as a studio, too. All paints are aligned and put away with the canvases, the insomnia bed is freshly made, and I have my own mother/child ticasso by my iHome, making it all cozy in here.

Cozy isn't a word I'd normally use for this room, but today, I can call it that. It's raining outside, so my temptation is to remain in my pajamas and go nowhere, do nothing. I have a couple of errands that I /really/ need to run; one in particular. But if I complete that mission, I should be free to just lounge around for the rest of the day. I did work yesterday so that tomorrow won't be such a shock if/when they ever get our e-mail working again.

If it taint one thang it's t-other.

Laundry is almost 100% done (whew), and the kitchen is clean. You can see my dining room table, and my taxes have been returned. It /almost/ seems like my life is trying to be normal. Noooooooooooo.

Of course, whomever invited me to that book website put me in danger when I accidentally sent off e-mail to everyone in my yahoo addy book. Some of those people, I cannot STAND. So now, people with whom I'd never chat are getting the invites. Ugh. Makes me kinda sick. Hopefully, they'll realize it was in error and simply delete.

Maybe life isn't as normal as I want it to be.

My nails have broken down to nothing since I started working this job. Anyone who knows me in real life knows this is bizarre. My fingers will break before my nails (typically). So now, I'm cutting them all down to nada so they can grow back. I've also made the command decision to get seriously militant with my hair. I'm getting it seriously cut, so that I don't have to do /anything/ with it in the mornings. It's longer right now than it has been in years. One thing about this eating thing I've been doing is that my hair and skin are in better shape. Greaaaaaaaaat. My ass is stalking me but HEY, WHAT ABOUT THAT SILKY, FAST-GROWING HAIR, HUH? Heh.

I couldn't sleep last night, waking up every hour on the hour for some unGodly reason. Finally at 4 a.m., I fell into a deep one, and woke back up at 7:30. That was the only meaningful rest I've gotten. Greaaaaaaaat. I need to be on my regular schedule. Perhaps it's this flu which has my body clock all haywire.

And my thoughts wander back again actively to the canvases which are begging to be painted on. I'm trying to resist, until I have a good game plan, but I doubt one of them will survive today without my marring it in some way. The little 8x10 I've finished and will put up here in an effort to save it. I'm not sure that I'm through with it; but I'm about at 95%. It's very simple, and based on a band's cover art (a band I love...so it's significant to me). And it looks cool hanging up on my "I Love Me" wall. Hmmm. I should leave it alone.

I should leave the blank canvases alone, too. I have two people for whom I want to do a little art for, and one is as different as night and day as the other. It'll demand far recesses of my brain which haven't been accessed since the '80s. Hahahaha. Great. Those should turn out dandy.

And here are the Made by U gems the spawnlette and I did (practical stuff for around here) and the print:

Alrighty then. That is all. If you went through all that, you just wasted three good minutes of nap time.


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Feb. 17th, 2008 11:03 pm (UTC)
I love the jug! Yeh, I've been houseworky today as well, getting the place clean and organised. Our big job is getting rid of stuff - boxes of old VHS tapes, cassette tapes, school books and papers, that kinda stuff - we worked through quite a lot this past week and it feels REALLY good to have just a little more space available.

That print is lovely, too. You have a very good eye for imagery.
Feb. 17th, 2008 11:06 pm (UTC)
When I scanned through entries, I could tell you and I were running parallel with our housework *g*.

Thank you! I put some of my stuff up on deviant art, and a girl added that mug as one of her favorites. :) Dunno how I came up with the concept; only that I've been fascinated with cherry blossoms for some reason over the past year. :) Thank you! I used to be a fairly decent artist, back in the day.
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