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The family ring

While driving home, I looked down at the ring, since the sun caught it, sending dazzling, beautiful shards of light at my face.

I've decided to break the ring down and instead of redesigning my engagement ring, break some of the diamonds into a design I've fashioned for the girls to each have a ring with the family diamonds in them. I think I'm leaning towards buying them both white-gold claddagh rings, and putting the diamonds in the crown. That, or simply lining them up on a very simple, white-gold band. Either way, I want them to realize that they're part of this ... life, and are very important parts, no less. I'm kinda giddy over the thought. Both girls should be /really/ pleased with the bling they'll get with one larger stone surrounded by two of the smaller ones. Or so I hope.

Work was so nice and slow today. Everyone is out sick. I could've told them, but oh no, I just HAD TO WORK. Meh. I, however, have felt great all day. Mentally and emotionally anyway. lol :)

And that's that. Shouldn't expound on what was a "perfect as could be" day. :)

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