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Getting a round tuit

So I'm finally reuploading all my books into Lulu in a "real" book format (in lieu of the huge draft forms). I didn't realize it would change the prices, but now they're more reasonable than they would've been had I sold each year off in the 8x10s. I can't decide now whether I want to purchase the small ones, too, or just keep the large ones I have.

This weekend has been nice and relaxing. I'm sick, so I needed the down time. Still running a fever, throat and nose still hurt and are infected, and the weather's still gorgeous. It's a catch-22, this weather. So deceptively beautiful, luring us outside to play, while our sinuses connive with dust and pollen to become infected. Woo.

I've been thinking about my parents a /lot/ over the past few days, particularly the last day they had together. I remember mother clutching his hand, while he lay there unconscious and oblivious to those of us so fearful of his death. I remember distinctly thinking, at that moment, that yes, all those years she truly did love him. I covered their hands up with a blanket after carefully placing them on a pillow. They were cradled between two hospital beds, which I'd pushed together at mother's beckoning. Both of their hands were intertwined underneath the cold steel of the supportive gates. It seemed obscene to me for anyone to see them holding hands. I don't understand why that is, and probably never will. Perhaps it's because I can't think of a single time in my life when they'd held hands. Or been physically demonstrative at all for that matter. It just seemed like something no one should watch. But lately, I feel them both, as if they're watching me...for what? Guidance? Is *my* time near? In addition to think about them during the day, they show up in my dreams nightly now. I am sure they're trying to tell me something; I just can't figure out what the message is.

Less morbid
Alllllllllrighty. Getting off the morbid and on to the logistics, I did some nesting yesterday, despite my fever, and have new canvases! I'm excited. I wonder, however, where I'm going to put all these gems, since the condo is so small and I don't think I'll be in a house for a long time. I still like looking at them.

And so I want to get started on another, but I've run out of ideas. Feel free to share, meine friends, if you have any ideas.

Today, I've been dozing on and off since 4 a.m., the sickness running its course through my body. I also have a seriously exposed root in my tooth that needs dental attention. I really need to go in once my fever is down. I'm LE SKEERRRT. I hateeeeeeeee the dentist.

Nada goin' on
So there's nothing of mention going on, in other words. No freakish incidences (besides me washing the car), no old reunions...oh wait! Yes there is! I've definitely taken off about 3 inches of my waist! I've decided that a size 6 is healthy for me (as opposed to a size 00 like this summer), and in order to keep it, I have to eat and exercise. Which I've been doing. Fortunately, the rowing machine focuses on abs and upper torso. This morning, while lying on my side, I noticed that my tummy was nice and flat again :) Tis a good feeling. I earned this, however, rowing my butt off every day and every night. I'm building up to longer time periods, but am fearful that I'll muscle up. I tend to build too easily, so I need to watch the caloric intake.

Alrighty. I need to dust AGAIN, and hopefully this won't wipe me out. I also need to brain storm on something to paint.

Hopefully, all my friends are having great, fun weekends. :D And of course, that they're all behaving. WWWWaaaaaaaaaahahaha.


Oh...the hofessional deserves her own entry (or specifically, women in the workforce like her and how they damage us). I'll get another round tuit for /that/. ;-) This time, I can extrapolate freely, without abandon. I'll make a friend's only entry regarding that, and then LET 'ER RIP. :D

I know...I'm mean. SO? Truth hurts baybay.


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