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Hello my fellow americans...and others.
this is kelsey again...
yes. again.

so tomorrow mom and i are going on a road trip. its gonna be pretty hardcore/ awesome.
thats how we roll.

i forget where she said we were going. but with her "indian instincts" we will most likely get lost on the way...
oh dang.

anyways. today cameron was over. and we decided to go clothes shopping before i go on this little trip. and it was pretty amazing. i lost her for like 4 minutes. turned out she was in the dressing room. i was just sitting there talking to myself...as always. because i never notice when people walk away. haha. we applied for jobs at the satan store too. we went in there and i got some clothes. then we were all...are you hiring? and he just like slammed two applications on the desk. we were all YYYEAHHHH YEAHHH YEEEAAAHHH!! and we ran to the food court sat down and filled it out. then we called my computer applications teacher from my freshman year...and i was like...YOU ARE MY SOURCE. and she gave me the tone of voice that was like...oh lordy, kelsey is gunna get a job. and they are using me as her reference.

me and my computer apps teacher have this crazy relationship. she is like my stern best friend. she doesnt really give input to what i have to say, but she likes what i have to say. its awesome. now im sure that when she goes back to thinking about what it was like to have me in her computer class, she will probably think about the tape balls being thrown across the room, the staple gun wars, the proxy sites, and of course my loud sarcastic mouth. but she will also remember how much she loved me. cuhz i drew her this picture of godzilla during the exam.
in conclusion, she is a good reference. along with mom. haha. yeah. mom is another reference i used. saying she was my fellow "associate". the world is full of rainbows and butterflies.

and machine guns.

but that is WAY besides the point. i hope i get that job. 40% off apparel. thats my kinda thing.

wow. im writing a novel up in here.

anyways. we got back from the mall. cameron left. mom tried on my clothes. and thats the end of them being my clothes. now they are community property. dang. haha.

she is singing. she ,,,ohh gahhd. she is singing.

i like it.

okay. so im going to do laundry now. so...

farewell homes.



Jun. 25th, 2008 07:34 pm (UTC)
We don't wanna go there...


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