Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
Creeping Through The Cellar Door

So THIS is how it's gonna be

I'm strapping in; for the next three or so years are going to be one hellish ride.

Just two words: The Spawn.

Even in our mutual "feelings" journal, she was not only unrepentant for her most recent foible, but aggressive and attacking me in the letter. Nice. It just proves that kids need discipline and structure. I feel like I'm failing my biggest test in life right now and it scaares me.

She'll start off with one subject and switch to 53285832905835920 in one conversation, all in an effort to push my buttons. She KNOWS what she's doing. *I* know what she's doing but it doesn't stop her. At least she used to feel guilty about her wrong-doings. Now? She's blaming ME. I seriously don't need that crap.

I'm still around, just not updating
For those who've been asking in e-mail (probably didn't respond to all of you...sorry). I've had to take a nice long break from my life for awhile, or rather just writing about it. I've been horribly busy, and feel unbelievably tired each day that it takees everything in my to accomplish the goals of each day. My doctor is still vascillating on meds that would WORK (and are less severe than wht I take) and I'm beyond frustrated.

Mkay. This sounds like a whine fest so I'm gonna end it.

Oh! Someone(s) anonymously gifted me with "Brodcast News" and "Year of the Dragon"!!!! Whomever did this, I really appreciate it :D It's nice to know some of you guys didn't forget this year :) :) Also, a big huge thanks to lefthand_path (hugs&smooches) and also mamcdowell, for their gifts, as well. :> :) :D

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