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Eh...where was I?

Don't ax.

While driving (or seething) through rush-hour traffic, I am now completely convinced that every idiot this side of the Mason/Dixon is on a two-way, letting one another know I'm on the move. After they do this, they dash out in front of me, slow down, get on their cell phones, put on makeup, and drive sloooooooowly side by side, laughing all the while. Of course, me, myself and I all discussed and agreed on this one.

Whyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeee?

Yeah, I know. Everyone asks this question, but if anyone deserves an answer at THIS point, I'm thinking it would be me. Life and its bizarre, unexpected, and psychotic twists and turns are taxing on a chick who's hobbling around on two bum knees and trying to stay sane, all the while convincing friends, family and child I'm 'ok'.

My achingggggggggg head!

Geeeeeez. This weather's gotta go. I'm going to retire to the Florida Keys, I think. Salty air, great thunderstorms, interesting people...this is where I need to be until I reach Espana. :) Of course, I must wait about, oh, 12 years or so, but if I can survive the past couple of months, I have a feeling I'll survive 12 more happy years without angst and anxiety, eh?

Putting the nose in the book...

Those of you who've known me forever (and especially the ones who've encouraged me to follow my destiny...hahaha) will be happy to know that I'm actually sitting down and writing the book. However, the entire scope of it has changed. If I must write, it should be for a reason, have a purpose, affect SOMEone, sharing what I've lived through. I'm sure it'll be a series at THIS point, but every one -- despite my original intentions of writing a fun one -- will have a point, provide guidance and offer comfort. At least, that's today's plan. I just threw out hundreds of pages of goobledygook (sic), and realized that if I must write, and since I love it, it should have meaning, eh?

Allrighty...waiting (im)patiently on the gas company to show up at my house. Don't ask. Freezing my teets off. :)

Be fair...don't do anything you'll regret today and don't answer the phone if you KNOW it's gonna be tragic. :D

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