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And like that one time? I wanna party with you!

So here's the image, and also what happens if you "party" with the spawnlette and her friends, and if you get a little sleepy:
Not only did they dye his hair purple (the color of the box...yikes), but cut a HUGE CHUNK out of the crown of his head while he was asleep. I specifically told the spawn "no scissors involved in the party" AND YET LOOK. I'm not partying with her. She's dangerous.

Although the house wasn't torn down, it was a mess this morning, so I put all 10 of 'em to work cleaning up. Now it looks better than it started off being. Muhahahahaha. The spawn said it was the best party she'd been to, much less had, and that everything was great. Yay.

She also cut a chunk out of Cameron's head, and shaved her best friend's feet. WTH. You know there's trouble when the next morning you find Christmas ornaments, random chunks of hair, and razors just laying around. I'm just sayin'.

And I'm sleepy.

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