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A leetle update


I don't update anymore, despite having more to say than ever. Am I bored with the process, or just sick of it after doing it for so many years?

Aaaaaaaanyway. My sister-in-law turned me on to a high school page, and BOOM! All these peeps I went to school with were messaging and mailing. I talked to Nan Rowe (maiden nom) on the phone for about two hours. Haven't seen her in...geez, 20 years. She and I have many similarities now, which is odd since we did not during high school. So joining that site was tres cool :D

I'm supposed to start Nano today, and am exhausted from staying up all night nursing a sick friend. I think now I'm sicker than the friend was. I'm grossly tired. I'm also disappointed that a great friend of mine seems to have kinda forgotten about me and Nano. =/ Ah well.

I was made an offer from the collegiate position, but turned it down. I found a much better opportunity (not monetarily, but satisfaction) and even though the competition is SO STIFF, I'm holding out for their final decision. Half of me says I'm a shoe-in. The other half reminds me that more than 100 people were interviewed for this position; and if I do get it, it'll be a miracle. So cross your fingers, toes, eyes and hearts and wish the best for me. I really REALLY want this.

I'm sick of the whole political business, and just want to get my vote over with, so I can stop reading all the crap about it on the net. So that little fire has burned down, due to overkill.

The victor alpha was all kinds of on top of the ball with my monthly prescriptions this month. Very shocking. I'm also applying for a higher level of disability. One day, I'm half-filling out paperwork on the net, the next, they're calling me from Montgomery and starting the process. I feel I'll get 100% at this juncture, which does scare me. I do want to work, but...I've got to take care of myself. The good thing about this job is that he's real flexible with time. So I wouldn't have problems as I would with a bigger company when I have to run to the victor alpha for an appointment or to pick up my script.

Ah ha. Yesterday was the day my ill-begotten bioparents conceived me. lol Can't help but think of that every Halloween. I'm a pagan baby. WOOOOO. Parties were in full force around here, but I left, again, to take care of sick friend. Miserable night indeed.

And now I'm off to either sleep or write.

I'm a barrel of monkeys, non? Calm down; it's just LJ. :>


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Nov. 2nd, 2008 02:26 am (UTC)
You have slowed down on the journaling, and I always assumed it was because you just got tired of it, and the people who read and comment on it, since you have such a devoted "fanclub"...

I'm totally sick of the whole election thing too and can't wait until it's over!

LOL at being conceived on Halloween! Were they in costume?! :P
Nov. 2nd, 2008 02:48 am (UTC)
I'm not tired of writing. I'm tired of people (I know, I know, I'm anti-social). lol :>

I have no idea if they were in costume, but I surely know they were OUT of costume when I occurred. lol Haven't you ever traced back your birthday nine months to figure out which holiday, anniversary or birthday YOU were conceived on? Every time someone tells me their birthday, I can ALMOST ALWAYS track them back to an occasion. Hahahaha. I know...I'm so wrong.
Nov. 2nd, 2008 09:46 am (UTC)
Yeah.... my mum kinda hinted strongly that I was conceived in the Coque D'Or hotel in the main square of Bruges... they were there overnight exactly nine months before I was born. She went all blushy and embarrassed when I asked her outright!

I know to the day when both of my girls were conceived - one on her father's birthday, and one when we were making up after a sour, nasty fight some days previous. Life choices, eh?
Nov. 2nd, 2008 05:33 am (UTC)
Happy you-started-to-be-a-multicelled-organism day! wooo!

Yes. Write, you barrel of monkeys, write. Maybe if you get enough monkeys, they'll write it for you. Or Shakespeare.

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