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No good deed goes unpunished

So today was the day I had to pick up my elderly neighbor from the airport. Not only did she act ungrateful, but was in her own way nagging the whole ride home. She's called me I KNOW 20 TIMES since the onset of her trip, to where I just started ignoring her calls. I brought the spawn with me, who was as helpful and sweet and respectful as possible, and yet this old biddy treated her like some hired hand. No, slave. No gratuities involved. This was after I made a special trip to UPS because she "forgot some clothes".

I had to pay $TEN BUCKS to get out of the freakin' Birmingham airport parking lot, and right now, am livid. I won't get into the details of her checking the mileage on her car, the walk-around inspection or any of that or else I'll go over there right now and hurt her.

NEVER. AGAIN. I learned my lesson.


In other, happy news, I've been looking at my new baby all day today. I'm gonna need my little iggy in the next few weeks, so timing is perfect. I need some sweaters for him (have to - they can't tolerate cold), toys, a bed, blanket and harness/leash. Eeeks. We have no clue what we'll name him, but feel confident we should be able to once we meet him :D

Feel free to suggest names for him :) He's just like the doggy in the icon, only teeny tiny.


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