Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
Creeping Through The Cellar Door

Right now...

It's 66 degrees.

I'm thankful that my daughter expects and wants nothing material.

My car is totally not working.

I have a great 3rd interview Monday that I'm looking forward to.

I'm bummed that Christmas was just me, me and me. Ah well.

I'm loathing my cousin, who is singlehandedly ruining my parent's good names.

I'm loving my bro and his family, for just being there.

I wish I could sleep.

I'm thankful to have a handyman high school friend who knows how to work on and fix mi carro.

Am thankful the same friend fixed BOTH my laptops.

I spent the last bit of money I had towing my car back to the condo. Am still sick about that.

I'm listening to the serenity garden my spawnlette got me, and feeling drowsy.

Can't wait until 2009. It's GOT TO BE BETTER than 2008. Geez.

I'm glad some people are out of my life. Hopefully forever.

I'm glad some people are in it.

I'm reminiscing of the hot chocolate Christmas get together with first fiance this year (or every year during the Christmas season).

I feel sorry for him; he seems so sad.

Seems like I'm the only one who had a crappy Christmas, so I'm glad my friends did not.

I just want life to normalize, and to work for a company that doesn't bounce payroll checks.

I'm too warm.

My pajamas are too hot, too.

I'm changing clothes. *snort*

I've nothing more to say.
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