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A new year, with the same rules but more policing :>

Eh gads. If I actually wanted to catch up with my friend's list, it would take a couple of days. So if any of ya are going through something special, or just want me to read, I'm apologizing in advance for not keeping up. Life's been busy - particularly with my delightful child - and I've had no time for joy-reading.

And joy-reading it will be this year. I've smacked the hammer down on the unsavory, the troubled, the negative influences in my life for health reasons (as most of you already know). It was pretty much in theory last year, but THIS year, I won't stand for it. Faith in myself and my choices is important; faith in others is optional. I think I'll trust me for now, thnx.

The car is now completely repaired, and I'm taking on a renewed zeal in finding /good/, gainful employment this year where they don't bounce payroll checks, and have reasonable "job descriptions" that actually make sense and aren't expected to be known via osmosis. :D In other words, I'm about to become another corporate freak and work with a bunch of people I don't know, and probably won't GET to know over the next few years, but will be secure that my child has a roof and food. That's really all I ask for, and it ain't much.

Although circumstances are grim, I'm keeping an optimistic attitude. It only hurts me when I stress out or get upset over issues I simply cannot control. Those I can control, however, will be and with a heavy hand. My life. My choices. My way or the highway. I'm too old to deal with juveniles, juvenile behavior or bad choices around me. My doctor would be so proud :D :D :D <--extra grin thrown in because I CAN IF I WANT.

Right now, I'm happy with my friends, and looking forward to building on my new, real-life friendships this next year. We all have a trip planned in a couple of weekends for an out-of-state adventure. I'll be kid-less so it should be extra fun :D Taking these man-pills is actually helping me regain more energy and er, excitement, even if I am growing a full-sized beard having trouble with a few bumps on my chin. :> Having my medication finally fixed this past year was perhaps the only good thing to happen in 2008. Many changes in relationships, friendships and family have occurred, most of which is positive. Life is finally shaping up, because I /choose/ for it to. Really, it's the only course I've come to realize. Self-fulfilling prophecies serve us in two ways, and I'm choosing the interesting, less-traveled one as I'm wont to do anyway.

I'm sure everyone is making resolutions right now, changing their friends' lists, etc. in anticipation of the new year. I choose to simply be true to myself. That's all that counts at this juncture in life. Well that, and making sure my spawnlette is well taken care of :) :D

My iPod is acting up again, and I'm not sure if it's a little virus or just old. Hm. The spawn e-mailed me a list of songs to download that she's sure I'll like, so I'm waiting for the juice to run out of the iPod before I start that mission. :> She does have a great ear for music, and I'm the lucky beneficiary.

Speaking of beneficiary - my parent's estate is STILL up in the air. I don't know if it'll be resolved even this year, but I DO know that I won't sweat it another minute further (and yes Randy, I know your dumbass is reading this...thanks a lot, buddy, for ruining my parent's good credit after they died...big loser). Whew. I feel better :>

Some freak of nature keeps calling my phone and not leaving a message. I'm PRAYING this year isn't starting off with stalkers (particularly the old bunch). Good lawd, I don't have the energy to deal with 'em. As long as they stay in the tree and out of my life, I'm fine.

I just had the year 2008 printed in a book via, so that I can keep hard copies of life since 2002. This time, I ordered a more sensible 6x9 version instead of the humungous versions I got last year. I even did my own original cover design. Since I included all my private entries, I'm not going to sell it, because this past year included scant public entries, scant friend's only entries, but a TON of private things that need to stay that way. Be careful who you trust with what...I'm still learning that lesson today.

And now, it's time for me to slip into the realm of semi-consciousness, as I attempt to actually chill and get a good night's sleep for a change. The spawnlette has decided to watch the sugar bowl with her dad (God forbid), so I'm left on my own. I'm calling my high school buddy to talk with him before crashing and burning. I might even have something to eat. LIFE IS JUST WIDE ASS OPEN RIGHT NOW. *snorts*

You've just wasted five good minutes reading this entry, as I'm sure by tomorrow, it'll make no sense to anyone, including moi. Unfortunately, I'm going to screen all these comments. I was going to make my "10 anonymous friends comments" today, but haven't had the time (nor inclination). Be happy that I did not. :>

Behave. If you don't, name it after me. That's Terri with an eye.

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