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Life's gettin' crazy

Proof that I often hop up and go out at a moment's notice:

Kelsey has a big party to go to tonight, so she gathered her saved gift certificates, and off to shopping we went. I don't even wanna hear about how crappy I looked. It took me OH 2 SECONDS to dress and fly out the door. So there. Be gentle with me.

Oh! One of my former co-workers found me on my high school website! How neat! We've been chatting via e-mail for a bit now. Always cool to meet back up with old friends.

Life has been /so frenetic/ that I've not had time to do any sort of update, even though every day has been crazy-busy. I can bullet the fun stuff:

  • Car decided to blow up on me when I had lunch with girlfriends. It's fine now.

  • Being reunited with bff from high school has had me going all over town watching movies and laughing until I'm almost peeing my pants.

  • Caught the kitchen on fire yesterday. Don't even ask.

  • Neighbor visited last night, to see if "everything was okay down here".

  • One neighbor in the "transient" condo died day before yesterday. Sad scene around here.

  • Our condo association now sucks more than it EVER HAS. I'm going to start attending the meetings to MAKE IT STOP.

  • I did something yesterday that I haven't done since 2002. :)

  • Downloaded some great original tunes sent to me by twitchhitter that were totally awesome. I'm his groupie for sure now.

  • Everything else is just too much and too crazy to write about. Life's happening and it prevents me from journaling.

  • The Stepparenting site is doing great! I don't know where my readers are coming from, and I only have one crappy little beginning story up. SOMEONE edited me, and I have issues with that if I'm unable to review said changes. *I* know the intent of a subject; they can't edit that heavy and expect me to be happy, especially if they don't understand THE INVERTED PYRAMID RULE OR OHHH I DUNNO A.P. STYLE?!?! *screaaaaaaaam*

    Tonight, I honestly plan to really sleep and chill out, even though bff wants to watch movies. I don't think I'll survive through all that without passing slap out. But it's allllllllllll good. And that's what counts.

    The spawn told me she loved me three times today without any provocation or whining from me. I feel so loved :) :) I was told I was loved three times before 9 a.m., and damn that feels good. :) :) :)

    That is all for now. :>
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