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Flat. Ugh. Of course, the non-stop rain today isn't helping matters, so I've decided to leave it be. Today's been filled with writing and editing, and so the last thing I want to do is journal.

One more pic, to prove the weight gain :D Of course, I get dressed after I take the shot:

I'm about to cook a little snack, even though I've somehow gained 5 pounds back, and then visit with bff and then expect the unexpected? Something like that. It looks like the weekend is going to be saturated, and then we have snow flurries?! WTF MOTHER NATURE? Freaky. Seventy degrees today, 20 tomorrow. This wreaks havoc with my sinuses.

I swear I'm the most self-deprecating chick on the planet. Not only do I torture me, but everyone who visits this site, with scary-looking photos. That'll teach yas :D

Oh! I found my copy of "Wonderland" which I thought was lost forever. Found that, lost my ring. *sad face* I have no idea where the ring is or even where I lost it. I've searched everywhere it could be (and could not) to no avail. :(

Right now, I'm extra comfy in an Anthropologie silk shirt, boyfriend jeans and Uggs. I'm going to go read now, and give the right side of my brain a break. The Matisse is begging to be finished, but I'm obviously taking my time on that.

This might've been the most pointless entry ever.


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