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It's like I just don't want to do it

Why journaling has become such a chore (if I do it at all) is mystifying to me right now. So much is happening, yet I /dread/ journaling it. I've got to get to the root of this situation, so I can carry on as normal. I've been unusually busy as of late, but still have time for me. Go figure.

Instead of writing out a long novella about my life, I'll bullet issues going on:

  • Spawnlette and I got a free, one-week pass to tanning salon. We're both nice and toasty right now. :D Freckles in this house have grown exponentially.

  • The funmobile got a serious cleaning inside and out day before yesterday. It seems to run so much better when I clean it.

  • Thank GOD for Freecycle clubs. I'm setting up a new office right now, and need everything from chairs to desks to floor coverings. Crazy stuff, but it's my new job. And no, don't ask about it.

  • Took the girls out for Chinese on Sunday. Had to windowshop because we got there too early. Woo.

  • Did five loads (FIVE!) of laundry yesterday and am thanking God that's over with.

  • Have been spending so much more time with the spawnlette here recently for reasons unfathomable to me. I'm just glad she wants to be with me.

  • Today is house cleaning.

  • First, I have to go check out some stuff in Hueytown (yikeeeeees). That outta be fun. Not.

  • I formally have no bangs left. It's alllllll longish hair in my face. I feel like Shaggy.

  • Weight fluctuates between 110-115. I figure that's the range I want to be in, and am cleaning out clothes both too small and too large.

  • Am, as usual, freaking out over bills right now. My cellphone got crazy, and not even Verizon could explain it. *sigh*

  • Was supposed to go to a military ball in Atlanta tonight. That ain't happening.

  • I spend WAY too much time on Yahoo's Answers helping out teenaged girls. lol Now I have a "fan list" of all these chicks who think I'm a beauty and relationship expert. *snorts*

  • My iPod has something wrong with it. It keeps getting frozen for no reason, so I'm REAL worried. I might need a new one and cannot afford that.

  • Getting a new keyboard for computer deux. Unreal.

  • Am actually leaving the house often. I know. It's a miracle.

  • Am getting happier with my friend's list, although I'm still not 100% satisfied. I'm about to do my 10 things-about-friends list to see who guesses who is who. The fun!

  • Gotta be through with all of today's crap by at least 6, and cannot take meds like I'm supposed to. Greaaaaaaaaa t.
  • Court for my parent's estate was yesterday. Still, no good news. No news at all. My cousin is treating my parents like they were worth no more to him than a gas station attendant. Unbelievable. Their time is coming. I'll MAKE karma happen.

  • The heater has been out for about a month. I'm getting more use out of that space heater than any other appliance in the crib.

  • Going camping I /think/ on the 25th. PRAY THAT IT'S WARM. :D :D We're staying for the whole weekend and gutting it out military style. That's what I'M talkin' about.

  • Finally found a bathing suit I think I like. We'll see when it comes in. I might send it back for another I found that I really REALLY liked.

  • That, I suppose, is all I feel comfortable about saying right now.
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