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Some of the ones I could answer... :D LOL

Round one...and I'm already mortified:

brim -- possessive, goofy
wbahner -- of course :)
blue_j -- sort of :) i want one!
3dbuddha -- I said ONE question! Go back, retake the test or you'll get an F. Hours later: The penguin made me do it. Heh.
airechica -- Uh...technically? Or...rhetorically? Or...uh...
publius13 -- Love, of course
sublimal -- Yes, oh my God, YES YES I DO!!! Heh. :)
mummpo1 -- Too many times to count.

But by far...the most interesting answers...
Were publius13's and sublimal's
answers, for different reasons, and on different levels. :)

Ter? You ain't rite... :P And the rest? I'll answer your questions via IM or one-on-one *cough*. You guys just didn't wanna make it easy, didja?!

Note to self: Don't forget to post the O SO VERY ironic conversation AND photo sent this afternoon to 'friends only.' You guys are gonna DIE.

That is all...for now ;)
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