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Help him, Jedi Master, for he knows no better

What the shit? This was voted the #1 most viral video on the internet. I admit that towards the end, he gets carried away, but dang. Just...WTS.

100. Bad Day
99. Scarlet Takes A Tumble
98. Roomba Driver (Cat on a Roomba)
97. Worst Day of My Life (Crying Idol Girls)
96. Lip Dub - 'Flagpole Sitta'
95. Charlie the Unicorn
94. Winnebago Man
93. Leeroy Jenkins
92. Lightning Bolt
91. The Average Homeboy (Denny Blaze)
90. The Machine Is Us/ing Us
89. Corey Worthington Delaney
88. Gamer Freak Out (Angry German Kid)
87. Impossible Is Nothing (Worst Resume Ever)
86. Shiba Inu Puppy Cam
85. Dog Saves Injured Dog From Freeway
84. Trapped In An Elevator
83. All Your Base Are Belong To Us
82. Guinness World Record for Most T-Shirts Worn at One Time
81. Tron Guy
80. Bill O'Reilly Flips Out (We'll Do It Live!)
79. iJustine's iPhone Bill
78. Barack Roll
77. Nintendo 64 Kid
76. Kittens Inspired By Kittens
75. Look At That Horse
74. Tom Cruise's Scientology Video
73. Powerthirst
72. David Elsewhere
71. G.I. Joe Porkchop Sandwiches Mash-Up
70. Will It Blend?
69. Samwell, 'What What (In The Butt)'
68. Wii Fit Girl
67. Little Superstar
66. Randy Pausch's Last Lecture
65. Liam Sullivan's 'Shoes'
64. La Caida de Edgar (Edgar's Fall)
63. Gellieman, 'Aicha'
62. Peanut Butter Jelly Time
61. Inmate 'Thriller' Dance
60. Parry Gripp Remixes - 'Cat Flushing the Toilet'
59. Avril Lavigne, 'Girlfriend'
58. Whistle Tips With Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis
57. Breakdance Baby Kick
56. Cockroach vs. Weatherman
55. Potter Puppet Pals
54. Hahaha (Laughing Baby)
53. Howard Dean Scream
52. Fred
51. The Landlord
50. 2 Girls 1 Cup / Reaction Videos
49. Frozen Grand Central
48. Otters Holding Hands
47. Old Lady Punch
46. Daft Hands
45. One Man Band
44. 'Hey Jude' Kid
43. Fat Kid on a Rollercoaster
42. Afro Ninja
41. Skateboarding Dog
40. Christian Bale Freak Out
39. The Two Talking Cats
38. Obama Girl - 'I've Got a Crush on Obama'
37. Lonelygirl15
36. One Bank
35., 'Yes We Can'
34. Guys Backflip Into Jeans
33. 'Shining' Trailer Remix
32. Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama
31. Jib Jab, 'This Land'
30. Miss Teen South Carolina
29. Dramatic Chipmunk
28. Back Dorm Boys
27. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, 'Crank That'
26. Exploding Whale
25. "Don't Tase Me, Bro"
24. Guitar ('Canon')
23. Free Hugs Campaign
22. Tay Zonday, 'Chocolate Rain'
21. 'One Night in Paris' (Paris Hilton Sex Tape)
20. The Evolution of Dance
19. Maze Scare Pranks
18. 'I Like Turtles'
17. Diet Coke and Mentos Eruption
16. 'Charlie Bit My Finger'
15. Noah Takes a Photo of Himself Every Day
14. 'Boom Goes the Dynamite'
13. OK Go, 'Here It Goes Again' Treadmill Video
12. Michael Richards' Racist Rant
11. Numa Numa
10. Sneezing Baby Panda
9. 'Lazy Sunday'
8. Where the Hell Is Matt?
7. David After Dentist
6. 'Never Gonna Give You Up' (Rick roll)
5. Chris Crocker, 'Leave Britney Alone'
4. Barack Obama's First YouTube Address
3. Grape Lady Falls
2. Christian The Lion
1. Star Wars Kid
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