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The deathmobile and life

After all that scurrying around in November to fix what I thought was a big problem but ended up being a belt issue, I'll be damned if it didn't pop again. Yesterday I was driving in to work when my battery light - just like last time - came on. Frenetically, I redirected myself back home as I didn't want a replay of the LAST time I was stuck on Highway 31 during rush hour.


I swear, I'll love that car until the day it or I die, but it's aging me with all of its little troubles. I have a couple of old high school buddies coming to reaffix the serpantine belt and the carburetor/battery belts so that I'll be happily back on the road without fear.

I've realized lately that in addition to my lack of journaling, I've also developed some sort of leave-the-house phobia. I don't want to leave unless it's absolutely, critically necessary. Very unsocial of me, but that's where this path has led me. Why the drastic changes in my life, I can't answer. And then - when I get the gumption to get out - my car acts up, affirming all the little reasons why I should stay home. Heh. Great.

Kelsey is now able to fit into all my clothes, having sprouted up to my height ( inch shorter) and losing her baby fat. So guess where half my clothes are? I knew her dad would find a way to get ALL my stuff sooner or later. Kelsey is simply the vessel.

And we don't want to talk about Kelsey right now. I'm still miffed over a couple of things, and am hopeful she makes these things right. She doesn't need to start screwing up now that college is so close. *sigh*

I need to start seeing Z again. I'm on the wrong meds and they're not working. So instead of ruining my liver with something that doesn't work, I'll kill it by using something that does. It seems like the Victor Alpha pretty much allows me to write my own prescriptions; at the very least, I 'advise' my doctors as to what I need to be on. I could also use another .5 mgs of Risperidone at night. That stuff is magical for sleep, and I take them at 1 mg. as it is. I also need a referral to my ortho and the ENT for these freakin' sinuses. I just dread going period. They'll find something else wrong and of course my options will be limited as to the treatment thereof. As it is, I'm having to shell out serious cash every month for my fentanyl prescription, since the Victor Alpha took it off its formulary list.

In great news, mother nature has cut us a break for the past couple of days, and it's warmed up, de-icing everything and making going outside tolerable. I thought I was gonna be stranded cocooned in my insomnia bed for the whole season.

Kindle news
So I took a friend's advice and sought out more books on a site named (which is an oxymoron). I downloaded a few books and BOOM. It shut me off. Then, it asked for a donation. After about a week of frustration and no new books, I *thought* I donated a couple of bucks to "the burgomeister" as he calls himself. Suffice it to say that our correspondence was like a really bad breakup with a psychotic boyfriend, as he got all crazy on me. LOL. I asked him to calm down, since we were just talking semantics, and I hadn't even MENTIONED that the title of his site was "". Oops. I said it, and he went on a tear. I've wasted more time trying to placate "the burgomeister" than I have working. WTS BURGOMEISTER? CHILL. I did download more yesterday, as my IP addy was freed up for a period of time. So I have enough Kindle books to last me for a good month or so.

Nothing new or interesting to report besides all that. I'm trying my level best to journal at least sporadically, even if it's boring, just to keep it hoppin' around here. lol :) Seems like my friends have become as lax as *I*; so I feel it my duty to tap them on the shoulder. I'm tired of reading the same old things from the same peeps, even though today had some surprising good entries from friends who don't journal daily.

Okay. Back into the fray, until I find a good quiz or You Tube thing that needs sharing. :>

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