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Oh and by the way (danger ahead)

Nobody...NOBODY can blackmail me to be all EXTRA nice to them simply because they feel some type of entitlement since I'm on their friend's list.

And since most of the people I know on my friend's list (no kidding, and this is freaky) with this fugged healthcare thing, I expect them to STOP BITCHING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT IS NOW AND SHOULD'VE ALWAYS BEEN AVAILABLE TO YOU, SINCE YOU'RE ON SSI OR SOME OTHER GOVERNMENT 'HELP'. I have a couple of friends - like me - who receive some type of government assistance (I get the V.A., they get SS, etc.), and yet they claim to be deathly ill and not be able to afford healthcare and are sitting at home. WHAT THE SHIT, FRIENDS? IF YOU'RE THAT SICK, USE THOSE TAX DOLLARS. IT DIDN'T STOP YOU FROM GETTING MEDS, DID IT? Also, even though I go to the V.A., I paid my dues in the military, almost died in the service of my country, and pay the same taxes as everyone else. So yes, I have the right to bitch because I'm SOOOOOOOO SICK of "the others". And I can be, because this is my journal.

I'm sicker than any dog in my pack, but at least I can make it through an entire entry without whining like a know what about it.


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