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So I've been reading my friends' pages and it's true - they no longer journal, just as I no longer do.

I need to start writing every uninteresting event which occurs. If I can't read you guys, I suppose I can always go back and read myself.

Today was another auction day, and I won't expound on that. Kelsey had to go to work early this morning, and has school tomorrow, so I'm hoping between now and then, she'll finally get some sleep.

We also won't discuss her driving and how many cars she's been through. I'm an excellent driver, so we can't blame this on /me/. :> I'm just glad she's safe each time.

I'm having trouble with a lot of neighbors who find "my yard" the perfect area for their freakin' dogs to do their business. I don't know what it is about this lot - besides my rock of power - but I'm sick to death of tromping through dog shit to get to the laundry, and have made it a point to SIGH and COUGH loudly when they're around. Mitzy's owner is about 7389473289 years' old and thrice daily screams C'MON LET'S GO, as if Mitzy speaks English. HELLO BUDDY, BUT THEY HEAR YA IN ETHIOPIA; DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP SCREAMING COMMANDS IN /MY/ YARD? I'm /really/ tired of him. Since I am, however, a dog lover, I resist any type of serious revenge, like OH I DUNNO RAT POISON? Can't blame the animal for the owner's stupidity, eh?

Nevertheless and despite what I'm saying, today's a fairly good day for me. It seems like the cold I've been fighting is almost gone, and I actually got a good night's sleep last night. Miracles never cease, especially when you're looking for them.

NOTE TO FRIENDS WHO READ THIS: Pleaaaaaase start updating. Maybe we can all inspire each other to write, eh? I'll try to keep up if you guys do. My friend's list is like a ghost town. I'm happy to see, however, that one of my formerly quiet friends is updating seriously. :D He's a good writer, so I enjoy his entries. And as usual, Ayoub and Writerwench are keeping up with their daily goings-on, too, with all the birthdays and phone calls and meals :D :D Everyone else seems to be quiet. Did Live Journal just become too boring, or were we all disgusted with anonymous comments? Hmm.

I really should do some work today, but am totally unmotivated. I'm through with today right NOW and plan on elevating my right leg and watching movies on Netflix for the rest of today. Those movies, however, only go so far...I think I've watched all the highly-rated movies, and now it's slim pickins'.

Here's a recent pic, for those who haven't seen me in ages. And this was AFTER a hair cut. Yikes.

And that's about all for today, or for now. :> Be cool and remember that if I can update with nothing to say, surely you guys can, so that I may live vicariously through you :D
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