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Soooooo...I did look in on this page today, to see if I was right about accidentally posting my journal name in a comment on Fakebook, and sure enough, I have phenomenal traffic pouring in. YOU GUYS LIKE WHAT YOU'RE READING? I'M NOT SHY IN HERE.

Even more baffling, though, are the stats for last month. Hundreds came in on one day, and continued visiting afterwards. Whether it's my dreaded crazy ass family, a stalker, or just some bored journal readers, I can't be sure. I AM sure that I don't like it. If the numbers continue to escalate, I'll lock this down for friends only. I never want my Fakebook world to collide with this one. It would cheapen the journaling experience altogether. For that reason alone, I won't journal about my freakin' stalker and the details thereof. But again, another freaky thing is going on - I'm getting hundreds of friend requests since yesterday. I think I have it figured out, and the couple I did add back had mutual (good) friends. But hundreds? That's just stupid.

Gonna keep this short and sweet, since I have this lovely headache. And I'm praying to GOD it goes away soon. I'm not supposed to take Iboprofin, but I had to today.

That's all, folks! Go stalk someone else.

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