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I heard it on the ra-di-o...

So it did get exciting, as I was called in as a guest to a station in Cali to discuss co-parenting and a father's importance in his child's life.

I've officially lost my voice. All my friends will be happy about this. Hahahha. No, it was a great session, good people, good questions and callers. I was also asked last week by the website's host to go back with them and host the forum/write articles again. It was really stressful before, me being an empath. I'd take it all to heart, and it would keep me up at night. We did, however, win the Golden Web Award, and that's something. So if we're helping, maybe it wouldn't hurt to jump in again and try to contain my emotions over those with whom I counsel.

K. Worn out. Time for me to chill.

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