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So I used MY own tracking code (which is much more detailed and efficient than LJ's...yeah I see you reading, asshole), and discovered a few interesting things. Yeah, you asshole, are one of them.

There is a guy whose page I had to translate, and who's also reading mine speaking of...well, world matters in a scary way. I'll leave it at that. Why he's reading this page is beyond me. But he's put forth a call to action of sorts, and it's frightening.

Too tired to deal with you crazy freakin' stalkers reading my page, and no, asshole, I'm not going to talk about you in here. You're not worth it, so scoot. Nothing to see here. Truly, you're not worth it.

Had an interesting psychological discussion, and now I really am tapped. No time to worry about who's reading, or what's going on...I need to try and sleep. I'll continue using my own code I wrote a long time ago for this journal so, no, you can't read it anonymously. I know who you are. Deal with that, coward.


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