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H u h?

subtle flirt

You are a SUBTLE Flirt!

This is the female equivalent of "the strong and silent type." Or, the whole "still waters run deep" thing. And that makes you dangerous. Oh, yes -- dangerous. You lull men (and competitive women) into a false sense of security. By appearing nonthreatening, quiet and unassuming, you can strike at the right moment, when no one's expecting it. It's a method that's tried and true over the ages and it works wonders for you. So go on, with your sneaky self, Ms. Covert Ops.
What Kind of Bodacious Flirt Are *You*?

This can't be right... But I love the "go on with your sneaky self, Ms. Covert Ops' thing. LOL...OKAY -- I think I will. Heh.

UK wants to publish poem tooooo
GEEZ. I'll spare the lengthy mail from the UK publishing house that wants that freakin' poem. By count, it's now in three books, one c.d. (and cassette), and now the U.K. wants it. If any of you guys ARE from the U.K., please find me so I can ask you of the validity of this house. I don't wanna find out it's our equivalent to 'Avon' publishing...eeks. I think, however, that this poem is never going to go away. Forever I'll get calls for that same poem, over and over and over again. I'm sure those of you who read it are scratching your heads (or something) and asking whyyy of why. Ja, I am, too. But since the NEW poetry contest is coming up...and I did get $1k first go around, I think it's time to be inspired. Er...only I don't have the inspiration I had when I wrote that one. Hrm.

Sleepless in Boringham
Last night I had a rough time sleeping. Too many concerns, not comfortable; plus, I've noticed lately that my right ear goes to sleep. Ummmm...laugh if you will...but there is nothing worse than falling asleep on your ear while it's bent, and waking up with it all folded and sore. :P BITE ME. Since the fall, I've been making it a point to sleep on my right side. I think it's time I shifted to the left. I can see me ten years from now, all my features oozing to the right, like some half-melted wax statue. Ewww. Ok...I'm making myself sick. I'll continue standing on my hands for 30 minutes a's worked so far *grin*.

Leave me alone; I'm still watching The Count of Monte Cristo...shhh.

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