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FINALLY; a good night's sleep. Too good, maybe. I slept hard, not even moving from my original position where I crashed and burned (blue boyfriend, tossed off the bed!). So I have these little pillow marks on my face and my eyes are swollen. Ugh.

Rearranging shiite
In psychology, 'change' is not normal. In psychology, *I* am not normal, either. :D LOL. So my not normal self craves change. Even when I had my house, I was constantly rearranging furniture, redesigning a corner of a room, get it. So this is my weekend plan, even though I still have yet to unpack HALF the boxes since moving into the townhome. ER...whereee will it all go?! My house had built-in bookshelves in every room. I have ZERO here. I'd put rows of them in windows, but I don't have large sills, and there are too many. Most of them are hardback, and I have a million *nudges AmSouth buddy, laughs, pinches too hard, runs*. :) But first I'll probably start with my computer area upstairs in my bedroom. I don't know WHAT incited me to set it up like this, but I face a corner day after day, when I COULD be next to a window, or at least facing one. Much more cheerful writing environment. :P And's beautiful outside!! Whaaaa? Maybe I should consider actually doing something and going out there. Hrm. (Missed the Crawfish Boil last night, heard it was a blast...).

Maybe posting right this sec isn't a good idea. I can't SEEEEEEE. Wheeeee! Hey I know! All the uglies who've tried and failed, this is your chance *smirk*. Baaahahaha. Okay...that taint funny, and I'm just jestin'.

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