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Procrastination <--sung to the tune of "Infatuation"

Oh yeah. I am the queen of it. This morning I was all excited about rearranging furniture, nesting, unpacking books, etc. NOW LOOK! Nada was done! me...hahaha

Friends list
After finallllllllly catching up on reading friend list, it was almost noon! Yikes! Seems like everyone is getting happy again (ever notice it runs in trends?). They say women's periods synchronize when they live and/or work with each other; it seems like LJ is the same fargin' way. If one person is miserable, my entire bud list is. Today, everyone seemed leveled out *throws Zoloft/Xanax out there, just to keep everyone even*. :D Heh. However...the plan to skim my friend's only list is still on my list of things to do. Why you ask? There are many reasons. If you never respond in my journal, if we appear to have no relationship (other than my contribution to YOURS), and if I feel like you might be 'trouble', you're gonna be removed. I mean, if you're not with me, you're against me. I can't have anyone against me on my friend list. The posts I lock -- to ME -- are important. It's been brought to my attention that some have never heard the saying, discretion is the better part of valor, since they spend most of their time hypothesizing about me and whomever. Werd! I AM NOT DATING/SEEING/IN LOVE WITH/GETTIN' BUSY WITH ANYONE RIGHT NOW. Got it? That seems pretty clear. :D No, no, no -- I haven't 'heard' this rumor, but my keen ESPn tells me that a couple have hypothesized and shared their thoughts (not my reality) with others, who pass it on. I'll make it easy on yas -- if you wanna know something ASK. I hide nothing, have nothing TO hide, and will share whatever info you wanna know (er...that poll a couple of weeks' ago was the perfect chance!). And another reason for housekeeping is the ho-hum syndrome. If I'm reading a broken record, I just get tired of it. I'm sure others feel *I* am. Another werd: If you get tired of seeing my shiite, please just take me off your list!! My feelings won't get hurt, I PROMISE. Umkay...liars, manipulators, manic-depressives, redundancy and just tired of reading are reasons why some may be let go. It's no big deal, and whomever shouldn't take it personal by any means. Your journal is YOURS. You should feel free to say whatever you wish in it, as I should mine. Same goes for friend's list. I mean, there's something just wrong in the first place in HAVING a friend's list! LOL. It's a journal. Not an open forum! Hahahha. :D

airechica finally shows up!
How cooleous was it to see Terrrrrrrrrr again after all these years? She hasn't changed a BIT from five years' ago, and sat on my floor the whole time she was here. Ter???? I MISS YOU ALREADY :( *pout*. Would've been nice if she'd been able to stay. I would actually go out if she wanted to. Uh!!! I got robbed! We checked her car out (am worried about her), and I've decided to make THIS announcement:

If you're a guy, mechanically-inclined, who lives in Huntsville, PLEASE PLEASE find airechica or and offer to help her. I'm concerned about her transmission. She's having a hard time getting it into second gear, and the 'check engine' light stays on. PLEASE help her!!!!

Okey. That was my public service announcement. Let's seeeeeee...where was I...

Photo-shoot for models <--Deathcab for Cutie? :)
Spoke with models and their parents today at great length. These two boys seem to know what they want, even if their parents are reluctant. One, in particular I think has a chance at being somebody. He's already been scouted three times since he was in high school, and is only 18 years' old. We're in negotiations now about my retainer and the shoot. I HATE talking about money; but...yeah, I won't go there. But it's a done thing now. I'm definitely going to shoot both of their portfolios (if you wanna see him, I'll post a pic in here for yous guys).

Terri - The other white meat.
ARGH. Spider bite still irritating! I got rid of all the pesky bites that trailed beneath the main bite; but that ONE is making me crazy. So once again today, OUT came the peroxide, needle, tweezers, cotton balls, q-tips, antibiotic cream and mirror for me to straddle while I once again operated. WEEEEHOOO. Now it's hurting like a mofo. I should've left it alone. But it was scabbed over from yesterday...couldn't just leave it like that, particularly since I just KNOW there's poison...! Gotta FORCE IT to escape! TMI, I know...heh.

NEVER listen to your gay male friends
Oh yeah. Did something drastic to myself today, thankssssss to a friend (who's gay). He talked me into it, thinking it would make me look great. I did this thing and feel STOOPID. Argh. Don't even ask. Also intended on cutting my nails down today (muchhh too long, even if they are groomed nicely), and didn't do it. Where did my day gooooooo?!

I'm sick to death of your stupid text messages. For the love of God get a life. You're pathetic; and each time you do that shiite, it costs me. Don't think I'm not making a 'list' of monies lost because of you either directly or indirectly. (Friends, please disregard).

Gettin' all bold and clazy
WoOooooooo! Went to a NEW quickmart today!! WEEHOO! Everything IN THERE is about 20% less expensive than the one I tpyically frequent. Er...but it's a slightly longer journey (about a block...hahaha). Still...I'll be hanging there from now on baybay. :D Also missed AmSouth's workin' hours. Had to make a night drop deposit, which means they won't process until MONDAY NIGHT. ARGHH...

Speaking of AmSouth *grins*
I have a new friend :) He works for AmSouth and somehow 'found me on yahoo. Skeptical at first, he's now the most hilarious thang I've talked to (wellll with the exceptions of publius13, airechica and brim. OMG. Eternally optimistic, constantly cutting up and goofy as hell. Gotta love a guy like that! :D Ja, he asked me out, but I'm not goin'. I feel some relationships should STAY in here. Don't you guys agree? :) We'll see :)

...from here. :D I'm slightly nervous about next week the more I think about it. According to RD, I *am* most assuredly being groomed, once I start, to take over. He gave me the five-year scenario, my participation therein, and what he expects to happen. Of course, I've run the numbers, thought about my life, and analyzed it to death and back. I was excited about the job MAINLY because I'd be working with someone I respect so much. And NOW he plans on 'getting out, so I can run it' within three years. Ack! The upswing of all this is that I do the hiring. I'll have three huge office complexes to deal with, and those who have been friends and are skilled have a champion for them. I'm all about affirmative action, baby. :D You scratch my back, I scratch yours. The money's too good to be true, I'll be able to write at night, and I have a feeling this will be the last job of my life (nope, am pretty sure of it). THAT is disconcerting, eh? Well, perhaps only to me... :)

Status of DVD collection
Still haven't unloaded the DVDs. RD offered to 'give me an advance, so I could buy them back from him' Friday when he returns from the beach. I wrote B.S. and told him that a friend wanted three of these movies (and yes, they're know who you are), and he said he'd still pay me what he offered without those three. But I can't DO this and feel good about it! I'd be getting paid for them and given a loan to keep them at the same time. Admittedly, this would ease the pressure of very small incoming receivables. But in good faith, I realize I can't do it *sigh.* I can't eat 'em.

I have a question for you guys
I have about 1,000+ videos. Should I catalogue and list (or would you guys be interested)? I have AWESOME movies, and my VHS collection is VERY impressive; much moreso than my DVDs. What do ya think? I cannot sell my books ever (already know this); but I can live without movies to help make it. What do yas think?

Starting to hate weekends without K
Gaaaawd, I'm just bored with me. When K's not here, I'm starting to hate my own freedom. Admittedly, I've put myself here, alone, for my own reasons. However, while thinking about this situation today, my 'year of thinking about life' was up two weeks' ago. It's time for me to get out and start mingling/dating again. I find myself curiously not motivated to do this. I suppose I'm of the mind that if it's meant to happen, he and I will simply meet. If not, I'm not going to aggressively start looking. I'm happy alone (too much so), and another should complement my lifestyle. I'll not let another man ruin it. That's a fact. I might be going through a bumpy ride right now, but in another six months, I'll be sitting pretty, financially happy, and probably more excited about being alone than being with another. All I truly miss are headrubs, someone to spoon with occasionally and er...well, what all of us miss. Here's what I learned, whilst thinking about it: I like all this intimacy in bites; but if it's long term, I either get bored, find a reason for it 'not working out,' or do everything in my power to stop it from getting serious. There's a reason WHY I used to do this. I suppose what I'm thinking is that if I do choose to have a man in my life, he'll be someone I look forward to all the time; not just in bite-sized pieces. I'm secure enough with myself (wellllll, in August, will be in 100 percentile bracket) to recognize this guy, whomever he might be (if he exists at all). And if not, I'm perfectly content to remain alone. I know for sure that I'll never settle for less than what I want/deserve/need. Ever. So if it means that me, myself and I have to be together sans a man, so be it! :D Heh.

Gawd enough already. I'm rambling, I turned down TOO many dinner offers (like an idiot), and my hair's still wet. SOMEBODY START A PARTY OR SOMETHING AND INVITE MEEEEE! Otherwise, my weekend will be yet another spent alone, pondering BEING alone, and getting pretty much nothing done. Make something happen pee-pal! Make me an offer I can't refuse. Heh (anticipates smart-arsed comments before they hit the screen).

That is all.

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