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UH UH! It DID NOT just delete my ENTIRE passage, due to a spell check!

This entry, dear reader(s) is from yesterday AND today. I consider myself one of the most computer literate individuals on the net. So what's UP with these posting woes of the past couple of days?!

After saying a word (or 1,000) about today, ALL was lost due to a 'spell check.' Word to new users -- don't EVAH use spell check. If you screw up, just go back and edit later, or Pay the Price. Those carefully thought out daily events are gone, and now, I'm way too tired to revisit anything I mentioned other than some highlights.

If you're keeping UP with this thing (again, I doubt anyone but the two who've responded are), you know of Friday. I reigned supreme in my quest to quash the evil lawnmower man and in grand style that would've made you proud. :) He NOW realizes that: (a) he ONLY retained his job because I allowed it; (b) he cannot EVER speak to me again (period...despite what he needs/wants EVER); (c) he had to apologize. But o, did he go wrong when he -- sitting down -- started to say..."but...". That's when I shut his dumbass up, with a hasty, verbal, unfriendly note of: "There IS no but, you jackass (no, I didn't call him that...but might as well have). You're here because I accept your apology. But talk to me AGAIN (notice I raised my voice there), and you won't BE here to do it." I added a few more words that he should've listened to (such as I haven't, yet, pulled rank, but am NOW, and you need to WORK instead of lording over your grass-cutting crew). But enough of that. :) Just SAYING it felt good. For the rest of the day, his psycho ass was gone and quiet as a mouse. He'd best stay that way.

Today started off emotional at work, and I REALLY don't like this. Indeed, I know the root of Why I Get Emotional; but can typically stop it fairly quick. But I found myself, once again, having to say the same 'ole: "If I had a dick, would you SAY that to me?" And THEN, hear the typical reply (once it's thought about): "Probably not." Okay. End of subject. Because I have a quim between my legs you might think me a bitch. But if I had a dick, you'd call me CEO instead. 'Nuff said.

I am one of the 3% in the entire nation who are straight-down-the-middle-of-the-brain thinkers (yes, MENSA members, I dumbed that one down). I see a goal, the steps to get there, and pursue it like a starved coyote after a crippled rabbit until I've eaten it all...including bones. I get it done. I see what's going to happen before it does, and can typically effect damage control quickly. Sometimes, it sucks being a girl.

And though the day went by with me multi-tasking and wearing O so many hats (kinda felt like a fast-food chef...), the last THREE hours were as frenetic as any I've ever worked through. The details, in retrospect, aren't worth sharing or remembering (this IS a journal). But I got it done. At least I'm comfortable now knowing there IS a plan, we're wrapping our arms around it, and if I do my thing, I'll quell the problems with cat-like swiftness, no mercy and agility. Bow to your mistress...hahaha.

After work, K and I (she worked with me, and THANK GOD for that; she's so helpful, and saved me an hour), awaited Chinee Foo delivery from aforementioned NPC. I think 'thinking' is keeping me from sleeping. Could someone PLEASE tell my brain to shut down for at least an hour, or divert my attention so I can rest?!

Yes, I got my headrub. Even fell asleep for a couple of hours, but woke up and e-gads -- here I am. I'm not DREADING tomorrow, but I do feel several pressing issues that need attention and fast. Wish me luck.

I'm tired now, and so I'm sure my life's events can wait until I do have a minute to relax. The muscles in my back are as tight as steel rods, a sure fire sign that I'm overdoing it (mentally, physically and emotionally). Although I'm kicking into EUstress, it CAN be damaging if ya don't watch it. So watch it, I am. Help you, I will. Name that character and you win a prize :)

Yesterday: Monday, July 21, 2002, around 7:30 p.m.

Visit was friendly and non-invasive. I even got a seriously relaxing head rub (which I sorely needed) that knocked me out on my beanbag. Shortly thereafter, K arrived bouncing off the walls. GREAAAAAAT.

Tucked her in, and updated my to do list (in a short period of time). Does this thing 'remind' us of our events?! Just curious. :)

Participate in an online forum (which, I really hate to say, is one long drink oflukewarm water, fraught with java problemos. Makes conversation lag and also makes you wonder if your 'message' will get through. **Bruce -- if you're reading this PLEASE HELP! LOL. Didn't learn anything, and the conversation took a literary swing. Bizarre.

As much as I'd just loveeeee to stay and share more thoughts, I have my 'parent forum' to attend to, e-mail which is woefully behind to catch up with, and an instant message from NPC. Niters, all. :)

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