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Mental Purging

THANK GOD for Super Secret NATO-locked posts. I needed to get all that sheize out of my system. I don't know about anyone else, but I've kept a journal since I was a kid up until now. It's always helped me view my situations more clearly and base decisions on just the facts. It's pointless and stupid to lie to your journal, much less remain in denial. LOL.

If you see me yappin online...
Run me OFF! I have sooOOo much to do today it's incredible. So much that I don't think I'll finish in just one day, especially considering fact that again, I got very little sleep. Ugh. Yesterday, I was half out of my mind with fever (I now realize). Today's better. I'm thinking with more clarity, and my throat feels slightly better. I made brownies at midnight;, I wasn't thinking straight. :D Yum. Of course they're almost ALL gone now.

The modemless computer
It holds the key to my CV/Resume and tons of digital pics I took while I still had my camera (grrr). I might have to move some of that stuff over here (but it could crash this piece of sheize). I found some great pics of my brother. I have to say, I'm a dang good photographer :D There are also some pics of our Sunday night get-togethers, which bring back fond memories. Looking at these pictures remind me that I had a life before now, and that I've GOT to change the way I live. Sequestering myself like this is not healthy. I don't even know when or how it happened, but it's gotta change.

Toniggggggght, tonigggght *singin*
There is a get together planned for tonight with my little group of friends. Ja, I'm going! I've begged off for too many Sundays. I'm a little anxious, because an ex boyfriend will be there (bahh...hopefully, he's not still holding a grudge), but other than that, it should be muy fun! Karen said that there are some newbies who are showing up, so...this could be kinda cool. B.S. will get a lil phone call from me, and I'll force him to go, as well. He's as bad as I am.

That is the official plan. I'm sure by tomorrow, this whole agenda will have changed for some reason or another. :P

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