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Go Weapons Hot

Dear Terri,
Here is Leo's horoscope
for Sunday, May 25:

Background holds important elements of who people are, but you care more about what they can do. Diverse company stimulates you. These lessons leave an important mark on your body of work.

My body of work? Does that mean I shouldn't "Go weapons hot?"

Don't go to Birmingham's divorce hell ever unless you gotta. I can't imagine what those reasons would be (well, men guys will do just about anything to find um...yeah...hahah). Gotta love the table-telephone thing, tho. LOL. How much fun can ya have with that?

Allie, your list is being worked on, I promise
Solly! I know I'm delinquent, but it's been a busy weekend. I'm sure ya understand. :D But your list will be posted before I go with the group tonight (er...if I finish household duties...). Priorities! :D

Today's the first day of the rest of your life.
Remember that commercial? Achhh. Tis o so true, in my case, even though I look at every day as new. This will be an interesting summer. The great thing about it is that I'll have K all summer (woohooo!). It's gonna be slumber party hellll-o; they're at that age. *Sigh* I'm going to arm every visitor with a broom, a vacuum, some Windex and Pine-Sol. Not gonna let 'em get away with trashin' the house. In fact, the first unlucky 10 year old will be given a rake (along with K) so that I can get the back yard up to par for cookouts. :D It literally looks like I live in the woods, surrounded by an 8-foot privacy fence. My own lil jungle.

Up at 6 on the weekends? Gotta go
As usual, I was up early this a.m., just like last weekend, and weekend before. I've gone back through my journal, reading my weekend sleeping habits. Ack! During the WEEK, I wanna sleep; but when I should be sleeping, my body clock wakes me up, no doubt trying to make me feel guilty for being inside on such a gorgeous day.

Taking the top off!
Ja, time for a convertible semi-trip. It would be a shame if I didn't go somewhere today! However, the order issued has been on hold *grin*. Weapons are on standby. I have to go to the nursing home in two hours; so if I'm gonna carouse before tonight, I need to hit da road. Decisions, decisions. Ka called, and she's coming over in an hour. :) Yay! (She's using me for my carra; I feel it). Yes, I got a jump. Took two seconds. ARGH.

Aiitey; back to cleaning before nursing home. Gotta practice (piano) on a new one they want me to play today. Shouldn't take long. I'll see some of yas tonight (probably). :D Behave!

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