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Ninja 600-R: Perfect for a girl

I'd traded in the lime Ninja for a jet-black, newer version. It was sweet. I rode that bike into the ground fearlessly, recklessly taking sharp corners, almost daring it or me to wreck. It started raining, but that didn't bother me, since I'd ridden the old one on the icy streets of Europe. I was a seasoned pro. I'd stopped off at the nearest establishment, a hotel, out in the middle of nowhere, and went into the bar, hoping the weather would slack off some. There was a man, sitting at the bar, rugged good looks, making daring eye contact with me. To my surprise, I was a little...embarassed? Intimidated? He quickly approached me, and simply said: "Let's get out of here."

Although the sun was out and about to set, the streets were glistening and slick from the rain, casting an eerie light on the road ahead. He'd ridden with friends, so I told him that if he wanted to come with me, he'd have to ride on the back. :) A half-smile formed on his lips, almost daring, and without question, he took the spare helmit. I put mine on, and he climbed on behind me. We took OFF. I could feel him, warm and just a little too close behind me. We said nothing, as the hum of the Ninja was too loud for words. His arms were draped loosely around me, his large hands resting lightly on my hips (he was a large guy, very fit, tight). I had no idea where we were going, nor did I care. I could literally feel heat eminating from his body, so close up behind me. It was exhillarating.

We took curves, and ascended a fairly steep mountain, the rear tire trying to get out from underneath me. He never tightened his grip; I wasn't scared. He did slide up in the seat -- I felt him, closer to me, both of us leaning into the wind, his chest rock hard on my back, our helmets, side by side. I felt this as his hands slightly ran up and down my arms, giving me goosebumps. I caught my breath. I was excited, not knowing where we were headed, what we were doing, or even who he was; but I didn't care.

It started getting dark, and on a fairly deserted stretch of highway, he pointed to a Marriot. I could feel my body tremble, literally, as I guided us into the parking lot, our bodies moist from post-inclement weather travel, my heart racing. It felt odd when the Ninja stopped underneath us. He gently pulled me back onto his chest, whispering...things into my ear.

...and then, I freakin' woke up. ARGH.

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