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Steve (last name omitted) from Hoover Illustrates Why He Shouldn't Breed...Ever

Alllllllllrighty. I'm thinking my 'no-chat' message wasn't quite clear enough. But I won't bore the rest of yas with the list all over again, simply because Steve No-Last-Name-For-Now from Hoover decided to break all 8,000 of them. Now...go pick your nose, Steve, and find some desperate chick who wants to chat cuz I ain't she.

Only out of the kindness of my heart am I omitting his last name and e-mail address. I realize that you guys could have some fun on a Friday night armed with his personal info (which, by the way, he posts on the Internet); but we'll spare him, for he knows no better. He is man...hear him roar, with a big mouth too big to ignore. :)

And now, I'm gonna take 'all this free time', dash to school, then the grocery store and department store to return K's pants. In the midst of my 'free time', cook dinner (just got through cleaning up), and after I've tucked K into bed, work on the company book I have to write. Yeahhhh, buddy, me and my free time. Ain't it wondermous?


Hey, Steve? Some of us have big branes, and kin typ mor then 10 werds a menet.

Niters, alles. :)~

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