July 16th, 2003

Eye see, Open your eyes

I see why Van Gogh chopped that ear off.

ARGHHHH! Finally, window art finito. K even got in on the action, as they employed her help with a tin fish (which looks awesome, I might add). I cut myself in five different places from handling that fish. Ack. Wonder if I should consider a tetnis shot? Nah. And after alllll that work, did I remember to take pictures?! NEEP. Forgot, I was in such a rush to get OUTTA there. Now, the art will be at the beach and I'll never see it again *pouts.*

All 2,000 body parts, and some I didn't know existed
Hurt. I feel like I just completed a mounain climbing course or something. Painting like that really takes a lot out of a girl (especially one who's used to writing, versus jumping up and down painting, mixing, looking, moving. Best workout in the world. :D Of course, K ended up passed out on the couch downstairs this a.m. while I finished up. Poor ting. She's soooo tired. :) She was also paid for her artwork (and quite frankly, I think she deserved more than $20 for her contribution). If, however, I see that cash laying around the house ANYwhere, it will be taken away for proper depositing. She's too careless with cash. Gonna put a stop to that, particularly since she's earned it for two summers now.

Update, schmupdate
Uh...no, I didn't miss this place, nor reading entries. Kinda sad if you think about it. I didn't feel compelled to jump on Richard's computer and update while taking my scant breaks, nor have I felt compelled to rush home and write something semi-thought-provoking. I've been completely exhausted, and of course nursing my broken collar bone. Gahhhhh it hurts. Plus, I operated this a.m. and now it's bleeding. Lovelllllyyyyyyyyyyy.

They say it's your birthday *singin'*
OMG. Creeping up in a few days, and this time, I'm not gonna forget it. This is one of those truly momentous birthdays that kinda freak you out and make you question your entire life (sorta like 30...only not). K's gonna be with her dad that day, and hopefully I'll stop dwelling on 'where I am now' versus 'where I was 15 years' ago.' It can be damn depressing if you think about it long enough (or if you're me...hahahaha). Mkay...I'm depressing my own self, so enough of birthday yappin.'

We don't need no steenkeen' cut!
Learned a bunch of cool HTML last week. No time to demonstrate, but if any of you guys are interested, lemme know and I'll link ya. :D I'm thinking most already know what I've just learned, however. This art job, incidentally, has turned into ANOTHER job which starts for me Monday. So...I'll be scarce in here again, since I'll be uber busy. Yeah, I know I've been soOOOoo missed :D Heh. What's really amazing/funny/sad as hell is that now that I've had the chance to REALLY step back and not even THINK about this journal or the fruitloops who have them, I understand how miserable some people's lives must be. I mean, this IS their life. This is all they think about. The scary thing? Most are on someone's payroll keeping up with the LJ thing. Er...if I ever do that, SLAP ME. This is not real life. This is a journal. I shouldn't worry about people reading, nor what I say. I shouldn't worry about my friend's journals (and ESPECIALLY not the "I Hate Terri" members...not that I worry...er, I'm kinda flattered). This is some sort of cult, and I didn't start doing this to become a part of the sociological aspect of it. I did it to get stuff outta my system. And that's that *swipes at other ear with a blade.*

Past is chasing the present
Indeed. And I won't get into it, because it's only gonna frustrate/anger/confuse me. Should I or shouldn't I? That is the question. I think I should save it for another journal.

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