June 6th, 2019

Stupid, !Smack the Stupid

I'm boring myself now

We finally had rain last night, which is always a mixed blessing for me. I'll take the good, and ignore the bad this time. And for some crazy reason, all.night.long I got these anonymous phone calls, where they'd let it ring once, then hang up. NO ONE KNOWS THIS NUMBER except for a couple of friends and one wacko. Let's all guess who the calls came from? Nah...let's don't.

I have a lot to do today, and no motivation to do it. At some point, I have to get started taking notes on classes for each book of the Bible. It's a 400 hour job, and I'm not real excited to get started. Ah well...that's how work goes sometimes.

WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE READING THIS JOURNAL? Was it because I accidentally dropped my address on Fakebook? If so, you guys aren't invited to the party. If the numbers stay the way they are, I'm going to lock this sucker down. I don't need a bunch of freaks and haters here, where I should find literary shelter.

I have to admit, staying off of Fakebook yesterday was such a relief. No more 45 posts, no political garbage, none of the bickering back and forth that has become the norm of that platform. It makes me physically ill. I'm so glad I can read my friends HERE and not see that crap.

I was too uncomfortable to sleep last night, so looks like today I'll be napping. O.o This goes against my planned events schedule (hahahaha), but you have to get sleep when you can.

See? All you lurkers are here for nothing. Hopefully, this entry will bore you to tears, and you won't come back.
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