June 7th, 2019

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Sleep, where art thou?

Although we had a nice rainfall last night, I still wasn't comfortable enough to sleep. So instead, I started watching a series of the X Factor, and we all know how THAT goes. I'm still watching it. O.o Today's gonna be rough, but hopefully I'll get a good nap in this morning.

A friend showed me a great little site for looking people up. I was a little shocked at what all it revealed; but today, I'll spend a bit of time looking up some things. :) Always hire and friend people smarter than you. And if you think you're the smartest, you've been hanging around the wrong people.

After my last fall, I still have black and green bruises on my arm, chest, both legs (knees) and left foot. :/ I'm worried that I'll never be able to make it to another doctor's appointment, now that they've changed the rules. This government is crumbling, and I am one of the members of the fallout. To bitch about it would be a waste of time, however, and there's always today, eh?

I can be secure in the fact that NO ONE is able to look up my phone number in any way now that I've moved. Even Google Maps shows the wrong place when you look it up (if you have the addy). Muhahahaha. So that stops Stupid #2 from calling me from the hospital every other day. I tried to get Stupid #1 to talk to Stupid #2, but he obviously doesn't care that she calls. Yes, they shall hereinafter be referred to as Stupid #1 and Stupid #2. Everyone has a nickname in my LJ Land. So the phone is blissfully silent, for the most part, since very few have the number. I'm going to keep it that way. I did try to give it to my bio-mom through her husband online, but I think he just didn't give it to her. Oh, well. It was a courtesy move. Thanks to that psychopath, I lost all of my phone numbers O.o Boo.

I have strep right now, and am supposed to be in bed getting better. O.o That's not working out for me, at least not yet. After this entry, I'll give it another try. The horse pills the doc gave me get stuck in my throat. The joy!

And AGAIN, why are you here?! As you can see, there's nothing exciting going on in here, yet you're still visiting. WTH. Maybe you're bored with all the news stories on your feed, and think I'm about to drop something secret and profound. Hahahaha. No. Move along.
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Medicine's not strong enough, and I'm getting sicker by the minute. I feel AWFUL. This sucks.

Okay. Doc called in higher antibiotics and crap and this is supposed to work. I hope so. Blah.
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Oooo, I just had my first person banned from El Jay for copying a lot of my journal. I know, right? Snorefest. But somehow, he/she got it in their heads that to copy mine would be a great idea. That'll teach them. I'm so glad El Jay keeps up with our questions, and takes care of our issues swiftly.

I was hoping stats would go down today, but there are six times as many page views as before. I REALLY don't want to lock this journal down. Would it be too much for me to ask nicely that you Fakebook people stay away, unless you plan on joining? Admit it - you don't even know how to navigate this.

Interestingly enough, I got curious, and went to January of this year (and subsequent months), and discovered that sure enough, people STILL read when I'm not journaling. And I don't think they even know how to get to the good stuff. BUT...I'd like to rekindle my old interest in this, and not fret over which hater is going to get stupid in here (even though their comments will never see the light of day). They're not reading it to be kind - or else they'd <3 the entries. They're here out of hateful curiosity I think, and that's the wrong reason. HOWEVER...if they DO keep it up, imagine the money I could make advertising in here? So maybe you Fakebookers should go ahead, read away! No...I'd rather not make any money and enjoy journaling. I'll just continue to keep personal stuff locked for friend's only, and again, politely ask that you guys stay away.

Any other of my LJ friends using this anymore? I have a lot of friends, but haven't seen you using yours lately. Would like to hear from old buddies. :)
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I just deleted over 100 messages without reading them. O.o They didn't used to show up like that! El Jay has changed a lot since I was a regular. Sorry to those who messaged and never got a response! lol It was an honest mistake.
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