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Day THREE at the Diamond Mansion

I'm not gonna make it. Who'd a thunk painting murals on glass panels would wear one out the way it has me? From my hair down to my feets, I'm so sore I could dieeeee.

However, how joyful is it to take a little five minute break -- after getting up close, doing detail work, and not seeing the detail -- coming back downstairs, and then, seeing the easels with both of them brightly painted, everything fitting, and my center of interest intact? :D It's weird; every time I round that corner, and see the one I'm working on, it's like looking at someone ELSE's artwork. :) So I'm fairly satisfied.

I think I went in to this little job with all this crap in my head (not related to the painting). But now, the paintings completely distract me. While I run a brush over a two-foot area - after carefully mixing colors to get just the right tone - and watching what WAS just a window frame turn into a burst of color and reason, I'm totally thought- and care-free. Yesterday, I noticed that I hadn't had one thought about situation, none of the bad things that usually occupy me. No wonder they use painting for psych patients. Great occupational therapy :)

I'm going to take digitals of them when I'm through JUST to share with yous guys (and keep it in my journal). Eh.

Again last night, I fell OUT. Don't even remember going to sleep, much less what woke me up this morning. *Thinks about doing this for a living*

That is all. For now, anyhoo.

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