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Give my regardsss to Broaaad-K, remember me on Herald Squarree

K's gone with her dad, so that I can do yoga or whatever it's gonna take for me to relax for tomorrow's 'meeting' (notice it's not an interview - just like the OTHER - but a 'meeting'). What's up with modern media? We meet; we don't interview. Anyway, K's dad offered to let her stay with him the entire weekend. Ummmm...while that might be her best option (a pool, lots of kids/relatives with whom to play, and junk food o-plenty) it's not makin' me real happy. Then again, I have a ton of housework to do, and after tomorrow, will probably need to destress for, oh, 72 hours? Mebbe.

Gah. Bedtime isn't coming soon enough for me. I'm tired, and every time I even get halfway comfy, I almost nod off. Not good! I'm supposed to have dinner with an ex tonight (no, no, no reunion - just an innocent dinner, so take it easy); but now, I just wanna go to bed (no, no, not with the with the ex is against the rules! Heh). Uh...wait! I could potentially get a headrub outta this. Hm...I'll flip a coin ;-)

No sooner did the dudmobile pull outta my lot
And the phone rings. It's K, already wanting to chat it up on the phone (or give me motivation/cheer for my 'meeting' tomorrow). I just realized -- I have NO perfume! make a good impression, you gotta employe all their senses. I don't quite think Lever 2000 is the lasting olfactory impression I wanna leave them with. Hm. Not good. Not good that I'm thinking in circles like this; because by THAT reasoning, I could also bemoan the fact that I have nada to wear, only I do. But my wardrobe goes from super suit to blue jeans; there's nothing much in between (other than a couple of sessay dresses; totally inapropos for a 'meeting/interview thingy'). Yeah buddy...I see sleep NOT happening in ways I've only imagined before.

So K's gone all weekend now; it's a done thing
She just now informed me that she'll be gone all weekend. I love it when her plans fall together *sigh.* :( What am I gonna do with myself? I'm sure I'll spend that time freaking out, wondering if I made just the impression I intended after meeting the producers/reporters/cameramen, managers that I'd intended. And if I find a hole in my armor, I'll freak out even more, and try to devise some clever way to make up for it. Hey -- the money is awesome. Of course I'm freaking out.

Bahahah! Exes crawling outta the woodwork...
Speaking of...met w/attorney today, and OMG -- this is not gonna be good, and will last just as long as I thought. I hate having to do this, but he's convinced me now WHY I need to go this far.

However, I've gotten three calls from ex-boyfriends/fiance(s) today. Weird. One of whom works for my potential competition. Interesting :) I informed him that I couldn't 'go out with him, because we might be working against one another in the near future.' Why should that stop us, he asked? Mkay...since that wasn't good enough, I pulled out my standard "we broke up for a good reason; let's not rehash it, okay?" That one usually works :D So splain why I'm considering dinner with another...? Probably because of that interesting little phone thing that occurred last night. Oooooo, I'm not likely to forget that any time in the near future. BURN, BABY BURN.

So now that I'm rambling like a psycho, I need to stop writing before I get WAY carried away over this whole meeting/non-interview but interview thing; or K being gone until Monday. Or whatever it is I choose to freak out over (perhaps dinner with an ex? Sex with an ex? NEVER.)

Roger, wilco, out.

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