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When men come, they don't come in single slices, but battalions -- Shakespeare or something.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEks. Ohhh just guess who's in town?! Boyscout. *Drools, gasps for air, calms blood pressure/heartbeat, tries to maintain modicum of control*

I really don't need to go out with him. Am I eminating Chi right now or what? Every REALLY great 'guy' who's been actively in my life (or perhaps serious would be more apropos) is contacting me, or so it seems. Okay, maybe all the really compelling, attractive ones who oooooooze ... er, sensuality. LOVELY. So now, I'm not stressing about the television station; I'm MORE stressed over Boyscout's sudden appearance/phone call/asking me out. Why would that freak me out more than a work-related thing?! Because. Men come in threes. I'm just waiting to see who #3 from my past is gonna be. I'm sorely tempted to tell these past guys that they missed my springtime overdrive, but I'm saving that thought. If I could handle myself last night, surely I can handle myself tonight. Orrrrrrr get out of it. I have enough time this time to find a really good excuse NOT to go.

Boyscout -- for all intents and purposes -- is one of the two I let get away. Should I? Shouldn't I? Mike's the other, and he's in L.A. Fat chance of him showing up/calling/asking me out. Eeee. I'm nervous. Maybe I should do a poll (still takin' advantage of the paid account thing). I mean, my birthday is rubbing up close to all these sudden 'dates.' I'd be kinda stupid to turn everyone down, right? No?

Or perhaps I should, as thomask said: "Save myself for him." HEY THOMAS? WHERE ARE YOU! RESCUE ME!!!!

That is all.

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