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It's the weekend, and I'm WHAT...?

Bahahah. Doing nothing. What else would be goin' on? I am officially declaring myself the Queen of Doing-Nothingness. Feel free to sign up, but men? Be very afraid, for after we mate with you, we'll bite your heads off. There's that.

The choices we make
Ja, I realize that I had options this weekend. But c'mon. I'm so predicitable at this point, you could've placed bets on the longshot. Maybe next weekend, I'll introduce a trifecta and see who all jumps in to place. :D I do have a headache, so that's good enough of an excuse for moi. It's hot as helll-o outside, so why SHOULD I leave? Hrm. Oh, *I* know!

I really, really, really need to score.

Did I ever mention...
That I hate cowards almost as much as I hate a liar? Probably not. Then again, cowards are notorious liars (you know, like good cops/bad cops, lawyers and FBI agents). You'd think they get PAID for being so pathological, simply by watching their enthusiasm as they dive into an abyss that is sure to swallow them whole. This is why I shouldn't leave the house. The list of "people I'd wanna 'get'" would be infinite. Cowards, liars, bad drivers...O my! (repeat) That's all I'll say about that.

What's WRONG with me?
I am chock full of chi. There ain't nuthin' rite about the way I feel today (and yesterday, for that matter). OMG. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was an 18 year old boy. *coughs* Hm. *Resists urge to call back those two...*

And since I feel I've said enough, I'll leave this post as is, before I get moiself in trouble.

Or something...

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