Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
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For Comedian Lovers Airywhere

For those of you who are Eddie Izzard fans, here's a little pic sent to me by er...someone I know:

Little hungover, perhaps?
I especially love the bodyguard. He's kinda small; I bet *I* could kick his ace. Muhahah. Kinda adds a freakish touch, eh? The other one is a comedian, too. We had a hilarious conversation today and I feel sooo much better. Nothing like some laffs to get ya goin (that, and kaiser_sose's icon/name). Heh.

Next, to get them booked at the Stardome. Hell, Bruce NEEDS comedians like this. Or um...wasn't Eddie Izzard just here? Eh...I've been out of that loop since the Kevin Fowler daze.

That is all. I'm sharin' witchoo. Be nice.
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