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The New Hair Don't

Jezzzzzzz, I broke down and cut it. Admittedly, my hair's not as short as I originally intended, but I'm working my way UP to that. At least it's not all hanging in my face like Cousin It from the Adam's Family...eecks. Nor will it take two hours to dry every morning. It'll completely eliminate the need for me to scrounge for a scrunchy midday, and SHOULD disuade losers on the road from gawking.

Although K likes it flipped up, I think I'll continue wearing it under and towards my face. It can still be pulled back, which sorta defeats getting it cut. But after seeing a picture of me from last X-mas at my parent's, I decided that longggggggg hair is definitely out for me; not only that, but it ain't exactly stylish. So for now, I'll settle with my flippy, happy do :)

Fever, fever, go away...

Echhh...nothing quite does a body as bad as a fever. I just might have to break down and spend extra cash to see a doc tomorrow, because I don't seem to be getting better. Fever's spiking a little high, and I'm concerned about it. It never ends. Got a lot of work to do (and have accomplished some this weekend); but I need to take time to address my medical things, even though the extra stuff (shots, x-rays, blood work) aren't covered by my crappy insurance. Lovely.

Time for me to turn in. Gotta decide what to wear (ooooo, a girl thing!). Need to remember K and my conversation today (was muy funny, and I need to share with yous But until I'm feelin' better, you probably won't hear it.

Niters, all. Sleep snug, tight and have good dreams :)

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