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So there was this Cuban, American, and African in a...quick mart

Hahaha. Fortunately for both, I speak some Swahili (thanks, Steve!) and default to Spanish. We get into a huge discussion about Mexicans (bahahaha), and how they are no longer allowed to hang out in the parking lot. We were soon joined by four businessmen, stopping to get their caffeine fix, and ONE of them decided -- since I was wearing an authentic 'Alabama Football' jersey -- that I was a cheerleader. WTF? Yeahhh, insult the white girl. I gotcha. Gimme dat ace, and we'll see me cheer on that.

Coca leaves, plucked from the tree?
So the chick from Cuba was telling me how the native Columbians would daily pluck leaves from Coca trees in an effort to 'have more energy.' Yeahhh buddy I bet they did. Okay, riddle me this. I don't do any of that shiite; but God put coca trees and marajuana in natural form on this earth for a REASON. Right? I've read a lot of theological research on the subject, and won't expound on any of my 'findings.' And although I don't even DRINK, nor like the thought of my 'natural personality' enhanced by anything (like I need it...haaa), I don't know WHY America has gotta be the way we are. No, wait. I do. We're like this because Uncle Sam can't find a way to TAX it. Period. If you ask ME, alcohol is MUCH WORSE than those who partake in the leaf. Smoking that ridiculous shiite may be ridiculous, but at least you just want to stay home, and not get behind the wheel of a car and feel like Superman, killing half the people in your path. In Europe, you can have a beer (buy it even) at five years' old. Do they end up alcoholics?! They have PROPER MASS TRANSIT. Period. Predictible, close to ANY destination, and safe for everyone. But they rarely overdo it and why? Because drinking isn't 'taboo.' Tell a kid not to get in the cookie jar before dinner and that's the first place the kid's headed. I'm mortified for the children of this generation because of their idiotic parents (yeah, I have a few in mind, but IRL; not here). But I digress. The bottom line is this -- Americans, in the grand scheme of the world, operate and function like rebellious teenagers. We're not making any progress. If anything, we're taking a step back (thanks Bush...pfffTTtt). Yeah, so I'm not working, and THAT pisses me off. I'm muy qualified in so many different areas, and THAT is my problem. WTH? Thank God today's more of an angry day than a 'feel sorry for myself' one, eh?

...and surely I couldn't forget...

Happy Birthday, RICARDO

A message to biogeek: If you read this call or write. There is a get-together at a cool club in Hotlanta on the 23rd. Wanna go? Find me/call/etc.

...and SOMEone usurped me in the meme category >:o
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:terribastedo
Your haiku:i stumble down the
stairs and can barely see
the screen in front of
Created by Grahame

That is all.

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