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"Your farggin' password is too easy to guess...please consider changing it"

Allrighty, I'm an idiot. I swear to God, and son Jesus, that I used SEVEN of my super-secret NATO passwords before literally falling into THIS particular one. If it's so easy to guess, then why in the hellimous didn't *I* know it when I logged in?! LOLOL. I'm delirious, because that really ain't so funny, is it...

My bodyguards, they watcheth over me.

It's become noticeable that a few employees who work with me have taken an interest in my safety and well-being. Ain't that sweet? I've seen this company -- in a scant two weeks -- change from a crew of angst-ridden, crazed/angry lunatics, into focused, diligent and work-conscious employees, most (not all...MOST) of whom I'd hire today in a heartbeat if I started my own company. Loyalty like this really doesn't exist in many companies; and whatever I did to motivate them I should patent (thank you kindly, but I DO recognize my contribution of simply giving a chit about their lives, and making small, but significant changes to improve them when it comes to business affairs). Since I've made it my secret mission to remove the cancerous, infectious, ruinations who try to pass off as humans from our corporate presence, the obvious change in the remaining employees is literally remarkable. Although I'm drained to the core of my being, I derive great satisfaction from knowing that I helped get us here. Not to mention the fact that I'm now going head-to-head with them in what THEY do, by acing our classes and tests, and actually being able to give advice on what they do when they radio me during the day all frantic about a 'situation' they cannot control or rectify. *Patting self on back.* But I have been duly chastised by my doctor, for working too many late hours, and seriously neglecting my health. Not to mention I have ZERO social life at this point. Gotta think about all that.

So instead of poking fun at those who truly deserve it (and the stories are literally hilarious), I'm simply going to be happy that THEY'RE happy, and being productive. Besides -- I'm too friggin' tired to write down their antics at the moment.

Is it that late already?! Kelsey will be beating me about the head and shoulders (and biting me, no doubt) in the morning in an attempt to rouse me from my coma-like sleep I'll no doubt be engaged in. So a few more words, and I'll wrap this up for tonight. Dang, I'm getting old. If I'm not in bed by 8, I'm worthless the next day. Something's inherently wrong with all that.


That just DOES IT! If I'm blocked, and you cannot see me on your bud list, GET THE HINT. IT MEANS I'M BUSY!!! Any questions?! What really gets my goat (although I have my suspicions of a couple of employees who might've made off with her) are those who 'find' me when I'm intentionally blocked from buddy view. What kind of freaked-out stalker does one have to be to find me this way?! Hold on, while I activate my 'psycho' messge...

Ahhhhhhhh...the relief.

Like I insinuated earlier, we've hired two NEW GUYS in the office. I'm officially the only chick interoffice at our company now. It's kinda scary. Refer back to the 'guys who protect me' line. I suppose I'll be the only one who can get away with crying when I'm all crazed about too much work with no time (although one of our guys has ALREADY reached that point, and for a small issue, no less...). I like him, so please don't misunderstand. He's very helpful, pleasant, and is goal-oriented. We just need to give him some goals, that's all. Hahahaaha. :)

Okey dokey...I've expended too much time here, and it will become obvious to those who visit my parent having said that, I'm going to visit my bed. It's beckoning, and I have a fantasy or two that require my undivided, quiet, horizontal attention . :) Behave this weekend; and if you don't, name it after ME..that's Terri with an eye.

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