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Eww! Wasted my TIME on that quiz

...only to find out that I'm a playful date who'd rather have a snowball fight and ride roller coasters than get busy. Uhhh...I didn't need a LENGTHY quiz with no art to tell me THAT!!

E-mail and runnin' around
I've just been GONE and unavailable here. Reconciled myself (somewhat) to the fact that I'll live here and it'll HAVE to be home whether I like it or not. So I've made progress unpacking. Can't find the toolbox, which bothers me (this place was broken in to, but I didn't THINK anything was missing). Was going to hang the K collage on a wall, and even designed the setup. Looked, and couldn't find it. ARGHHHH. I hope I just put it up somewhere. Right now, all I can find are two screwdrivers (one Phillip's head, one flat), and anchors. Um...those aren't going to help me. I NEED TOOLS!!! Gonna finish painting, too. Tired of looking at the walls, and the paint is in storage. Plus, we all know I love painting. Therapeutic for me. Since I've finished really cleaning up downstairs, and even arranging things, I suppose it's time to keep moving forward. Today, I really don't feel like it, and have to leave for a couple of hours to go to SH nursing home. At least I'll have help! Yay! Boyscout is running late, but will be here. Hrm. He has tools! Maybe I'll use his, instead of driving myself crazy looking for MINE.

Before I even left the house...
Brrrrring. Got an unexpected, hostile IM from...yeah. Mkay, our parting words were "I'm never going to contact you again, etc. etc., swear to God." And what does he do? *Almost* cause me to stay home. ALMOST being the operative word. He'll no doubt read this and after he attacked, he signed BACK on (while I was waiting on C.G. to pick me up), and did a 280 degree turn. So when you read this, care to share why you'd do that?! I think I know the answer, but I'm going to stop mind-reading him (even though his motives and intentions have been predictable). I think he was trying to figure out when I wouldn't be here, so he could do a walk-through inspection, even though he said he was on his way out. *I* think he just needs contact. No such thing as closure with him; I'm beginning to believe that little bit. When the conversation turned around, I found myself *almost* enjoying it. Remind me to slap myself.

Cheated outta trivia
Bummmmmer! We got to our trivia place of choice and OMG...there was a radio station van outside. Being brave we went in ANYway, only to find it jam-packed. Before we even walked in the DOOR, a guy who I dated a LONG time ago ironically held the door open for us. ACK. I just looked at the ground and zipped inside. Scanning TOO MANY faces, we both decided to get the hellll o outta there, and ended up at Grady's. Music's good there, and food ALWAYS HAS BEEN. Until last night. We had MORE fun taking markers outta my purse and drawing on the paper covering the table cloth. OMG. C.G. started right off drawing a kindergarten turkey tracing his hand. Bwhahhaa. There's no hope for him. Got the prime rib (yeah, I was all bold) since I need protein; too much pepper. At one point, I had to spit a bite out. UGH! can't digest black pepper. It floats around in your system forever and that's just gross, mmkay? The salad was awesome though (and so was the bread). Shoulda stuck to my 'typical' fare that I'd order anywhere else mebbe. Anyway, by the time we left I was SO TIRED I couldn't think straight. Yeah; that's it. So ensuing hilarity followed (he's so freakin' goofy you can't HELP but laff). He had a can of spray paint rolling around in his back seat that he'd bought to 'correct' his apartment complex's sign. LOL. I made other suggestions, but he wouldn't participate in anything ILLEGAL. OMG. What is correcting your complex's sign? Legal? LOL. I won't say WHAT he was going to correct, since he probably will. But we spent time thinking of ways to sneak up to the sign without being identified (they have security cameras). And YET...even with the new installation of cams, someone had STILL DRIVEN THE GATE ARM OFF. HAHAHAH. Gawd. A good time was had by all. Too tired to get into funny details. :P

Slept in, but didn't get enough
Geeeez. He brought me back here around...2-ish, but I didn't go to sleep until 5. OMG. I'm still not caught up with sleep. Not good, because all I do is ramble in my journal, and think too much.

Note to self, #71: GET LIGHTBULBS. #72: Get NEWSPAPER.

Oh were observing the cute lightbulbs at Grady's, and I thought it would be a good idea if we made off with one. Our waiter saw us playing around with them, and decided to join in the fun. He came up, and clicked the string, demonstrating how one, two, and three lights could be turned off/on, then rotated them, when C.G. 'challenged' him to "make that one turn on by itself." Uh. I just wanted to make off with the lightbulbs. Heh. There is nothing right about that thought process. What? I'm gonna end up like Winona Ryder if I don't watch it. Gah.

Procrastinating Queen
But...but...I HAVE been neglecting my journal, and not really 'updating.' Just throwing some words in here so that I can look back and remember what happened when. So this isn't really procrastination, is it?! :)

Eh. Yeah, it is. Just reading the friend list last night before I left, I realized I'm SO FAR BEHIND on you guys, I'll never catch up. I don't blame yas for not saying anything. I'm more boring than ever; but I think it's because I'm actually DOING instead of talking about it.

That is alles. Need to practice before I leave.

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