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LJ's lack of e-mail responses

For some, mysterious reason, I'm not receiving e-mail replies from most of you guys. It's just by some weird chance that I stumble on your comments. Is everyone having this problem or whattttt?! Frustrating, because I posted a question to one of you (farrrr in the back), and don't know if I received a response or not *pouts.* This is making me...crazier than I already am. Grr.

Of course, change in plans today
Aren't there always? The door's flying open/closed/open/closed. I'm getting used to it, although I really don't like the thought of air-conditioning the city, particularly since my freaking williams have been unbelievable lately. PLUS I'm feeding masses. Splain this one to me. No, don't. Anyway, will have company tomorrow instead of today. I'm howkeepin' and that's no fun, considering allergies, etc. CUJO, HOWEVER, IS GONE! FOR GOOD! The moving van pulled out with the last of their stuff. I'd love to be a fly on their wall when they move into their NEXT townhome. I bet the new neighbors will be thrilled. Bwhahaha.

Out of sight, out of mind...or something
Yes, I'm hermiting online and in real life right now. Many changes -- some good, some bad -- that I need to reconcile both physically and mentally. Half the time, I'm not sure what's going on, and that's not good. Tired of being yanked around like some slave over emotional blackmail, though. That's a fact. And I won't let K be a part of it...ever. She shouldn't have to go through ... some of this. But, I saved all that for a private entry, just to remind me...

Anyway, for those who've been mailing, I've been stealth because I need this time to come up with solutions quick. I also need to emotionally reconcile a situation that's gone on for far too long. I realize it was *my* decision, and accept my fair share of responsibility. But I need my time to grieve, and get rid of the wasteland left in the wake of this very real situation which has officially come to a close. We all move on.

Nothing more going on
Can't find my tools. Arghhhhhhhh. I need a hammer! I need several tools, but...have searched everywhere and am convinced they were 'acquired' by someone. Grrrr. Some stuff I'm doing requires tools. And I can't complete my mission without them.

Enough of this ramblin' on. Nothing going on of interest (is there ever?), nothing I need or want to say that I haven't already, either here or in a closed journal entry. Hope you guys have a terrific holiday!

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