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Enough is enough is enough is enough...

YEPPPPPPPPP. I've had it! End of my rope, straw that broke the camel's name it, and the cliche applies. THIS time, I'm NOT going to be manipulated...this has gone on long enough. The only good thing about today is my anger is actually redirecting my attention, so my throat doesn't hurt as bad (or maybe I'm just not thinking about it). Things were FINE until the game playing started, at work no less. NO MORE. Drawing a big, thick line in the sand.

Whew. On a lighter note...

THIS time, they had the decency to call before showing up at lunch :D Of course, I opted NOT to meet them out, but instead had them bring it in. My options are limited (can barely swallow liquids); so I settled on soup. EW. I need to try and keep it down. I'm trying to make time to again, try to see the doc. My temp this a.m. was up to 101. This is pretty high for me, but has lasted awhile...I'm a little concerned because of that leukemia scare a few years' ago...(pout).

Allrighty...busy at work, and don't anticipate getting outta here before nacht. As much as I'd LOVE to male-bash right now, I'm going to resist that urge. It would, indeed, make a great book.

Boi boi.

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