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*Pulls hair out*

Sleeeeeeeep. Helllllllp. I. need. sleep.

I might've gotten in two hours last night. This has gotta stop. My eyes are burning, head hurts and I don't know how I'm going to be semi-rational at lunch meeting today. I'll probably babble about insomnia, make excuses for looking so tired...and...what's that? A third eye? On my forehead? Say it ain't so...

Not that I'd notice, since I'm not looking in a mirror
Oh wait; I'll have to before lunch, unless I go makeup free (which would make me more frightening than I am NOW). Eh...not good. Then again, I know this job (or discussion) is a loooooooooong shot. I'm not getting my hopes up (brand new pub, I *think* fully staffed). We'll see. I have some ideas, and quite frankly think it's about time to hit up the Victor Alpha for a small business loan. One day, someone's going to bring my ideas to fruition and get rich quick (it's happened before! Don't laugh!). I suppose I need to get a bidness plan together. Yeah. Hehehehehe. That's rich. So many ideas, so little time, no money. Hm.

Fortune's top 40 under 40
If you're under 40, but in the 30-ish range and scraping to get by, don't even read that story. Trust me. You'll wanna puke (especially since we are the ones who made most of them rich). No females in that group. Vely intellesting. There were in the top 25 most influential people. But only two (if memory serves correct). And how do they know? I'm sure there are plenty out there who are dodging the I.R.S. and mortified that they might end up on a list just like that. Eh...those are usually jokes anyway. A very good example would be how stupid the Birmingham Business Journal is now, listing my defunct company as one of the top producing companies/most lucrative in the state. I cut the article out while still employed there, and laughed (particularly since I used to work for the BBJ), thinking: "There but for the grace of God go I."

That's what they get for keeping jackasses like Don Milazzo around, who are so busy surfing porn during the day the news has to literally slap him in the face to get noticed. Angry much? Ohhh, I will always hold a grudge. They're so very lucky I never sued. When does the statute of limitations run out for that type thing? Heh. And everyone wondered why Tina V sold it off so quickly. *Raises hand* I'll TELL, I'LL TELL! ASK ME! :) Now that's news.

Enough already
I'm tired. Maybe I should try and nap before lunch today. I'm afraid I'll sleep through lunch (and OLT is supposed to stop by; um...maybe I should make that phone call, just to give me a reason to stay awake). I'll be snapping all day today, so ... I'd resist the urge to find me.

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