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The horror, the horror...

Woah. Three SUV-full of stuff moved already. I almost sliced off two fingers (need stitches; won't be able to), and CRASHED down the stairs. OMG. I'm not going to live through this move.

A truckload of stuff...
Found truck, need to call, but have spiders or something on me. Ack. Sold approximately 100 videos (not dvds), and about 20 dvds that I can't watch. Yes! I needed that to cover bills. Plus, I'll live 'close' to them. so if I wanna watch 'em, I could always borrow. :) Yay! Some of them, I couldn't part with (especially the ones K likes alot). But I unloaded a bunch. I still hung on to both Young Guns (whewwww). But lost Pretty In Pink. K liked that one, but it's not gonna be missed.

Instead I've somehow got to pick up the truck (call first), fly back here, start wrapping stuff up, and continue looking for gainful employment. This is SO not fun, and I wouldn't wish all of this at one time on ANYONE.

Message TO FREAKING RICHARD: If you ever contact me again, I will make your life unliveable.

PSYCHO. OMG. So predictable, the weekend's over, and he's ALREADY MESSAGING ME. I'm going to again contact the nasty girlfriend and let her know. PSYCHO. JUST. FREAKIN' CRAZY. BYE MEANS BYE. GET IT? FOREVER.

Calms back down, thinks happy thoughts...
Oh no; he didn't offer to help at ALL. Just wanted to exert control by 'proving he can contact me however/whenever/whyever he wants to. NUTCASE. If he does it again, I will go postal, and have a battalion of friends who are willing to stand behind me. This should be sufficient. If not? Run, psychoboy.

Hoover five-oh putting in overtime
They're ALL OVER this road. They've pulled over three people in the past 30 minutes on Wisteria alone. OMG. They're on some kinda tangeant. I think they get commission off every ticket they write. Don't think I won't be taking the other exit. I'm sooooo not in the mood to smile and be nice to the police AT ALL. I'm not in the mood to be nice, anyone. There's that. All I want/need right now is a nice, long nap. All that quick moving/packing/no sleep has gotten the best of me. Unloading the videos didn't really make me real happy, either, but it had to be done. All were mine; none were K's (and most were R-rated).

So what it boils down to is this
If you're not helping right now, I'm not overly garralous, loquacious nor do I have any desire to chat or any of that. Don't make me get junior high, because I will. I have a feeling this whole month, you can just consider me outta commission, outta my head. But, if you're inclined to help, I'll try to pretend and be nice :D There's that.

That. Is. Alllllllllll.

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