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Four alarm clocks, a pizza cutter, and threats of water


Rousing K from deep sleep
After all the alarms going, lights turned on, and threats of the pizza cutter and water, she still tried to snuggle her way into staying home. GAH. Like I'd keep her home because "On Friday's, we don't learn anything." Um. If you're at school, you're learning something. Geez. When I went to wake her up, she was all warm and snuggly, wrapped her arms around me and almost put me to sleep. Yikes. She tried to trick me.

Chopper visit early in la manana
Heh. Forever, he'll be called that (little does he know). Showed up this a.m. after work, tried to look around the half-packed townhome, and we all know how I feel about that. Invasive! He was tired, I AM tired, made small talk and that's that. I feel wretched; I need a nap. No sleep last night, because I kept checking on her, then worrying. Gotta learn how to control that worry thing. I really need good sleep this weekend, since I start putting in full days' work next week.

Packing still
I *think* Frances is coming over today (although not 100% sure). If not, she'll be here tomorrow. I kinda wanna be around while she's here this time, even though I've done a ton of it already. And the laundry. GADSSSSSSSSSS. I have so much to do, no time means to do it (or not quickly/closely anyway). Maybe I should take that nap, just so I'll wake up and think clearly. Hm. Not a bad idea.

Didn't intend on being short with Chopper, but was SO tired and sore, I didn't feel like being all garralous and happy, either. Eh. I need a break. Those stairs are killin' moi.

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