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It's true; she's growing up sooo faaaaaast :-\

How...can they stay up until 1 or even 2 in the morning, and be UP before 8?! Please explain this to me. Aren't kids thier age supposed to SLEEP IN? WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT?

And the dreaded reality hit me like a runaway train
I am a maid. I'm the 'person who goes and gets stuff' for her/them. I've depreciated into a sub-contractor for my daughter. This can't be true. Despite her being all sweet, and bouts of loveableness (is that a werd?), she's simply counting on me to make sure they have FOOD. This is my purpose. Although old enough to do these type things on her own, when a friend is here, *I* am expected to wait on them hand and foot. I quit. :D

The horror of the DVD player
ACK. Finally, I simply couldn't wait on them to go to bed last night, and passed (or fell) out around midnight. Don't even remember my head hitting the pillow. However, NONE of the dvds would play. It's stuck on this "Error: This disk may not have replay option. Please eject" message. Ummm...although all of them WILL and HAVE replayed, I think it's just...tired or something. So I had to pop in Jackal and hope that it would run without my having to prompt it. Sure enough, it's fine. Until I WAKE UP. AND NOW IT HAS TRACKING PROBLEMS. Methinks I should get a hammer and...uh...yeah.

Nada will get done today; I feel it
I understand K's girl loyalty to her best friend. I was like that when I was a little girl. But they're turning this into an all-weekend fest (with the help of K's girlfriend's mom). She went out last night (ah ha!), and is probably sleeping right now. We talked about men when she came by yesterday and they're really all just a bunch of trouble. But she's convinced she needs to date. She's still in the Army, which is cool. Very tall, thin, younger than I. I can't imagine her having trouble finding a guy she's happy with. She's so So I go through the database in my head, searching for that perfect guy (I am a great matchmaker) just for her...a guy who won't be intimidated by a woman who will definitely be taller than he in heels. Hmmm. *I* tower over most men in heels. I dunno that I'll have much luck with this one. And unlike me, she WANTS a husband/man around 24/7. (Looks at friend list...doesn't see any suspects there, either...heh). Going out all the time is not gonna help her meet a good guy. So it's MY JOB TO HELP! :D I told her about the airborne/ranger/commander/major that I spent the day with, and explained if she could tolerate that mouth, she'd love him. Uhhh...woops. She's a SSGT. and said "OH NO, IT'S AGAINST MILITARY REGULATIONS FOR ME TO DATE A MAJOR." Uhh...since WHEN? When *I* was in the military, I dated who the hella ever I wanted to. Plus, he just got out, so she's safe. But I did explain the talking thing (which I have yet to post in a friend's only entry). She's fineeee with it. I am NOT. :) He is good looking; a stockbroker, and loves weapons AND trivia. He looks like a young Tom Brokaw (always a bonus); but I could NOT TAKE THAT YAP. Hello?! Again, best saved for friend's only entry :)

And I'm rambling. So much happening quickly, no time to update. OH WAIT. LOL. The PLUMBER CAME BY YESTERDAY. The landlord psycho is all freaked out (as well he should be) and trying to do whatever to make up for what he did. Sorry; too late. When it comes to business (which is what this really is), I'm VERY unforgiving. In relationships, I'll leave a lot of extra leeway. But you screw me over or mistreat me in a business environment (specifically, my money), and you. are. going. down. He realizes, I think, that there's been "More activity around Terri's place," and "Boxes are starting to leave slowly." At this point I think he knows I'm leaving; he's just hoping I don't leave angrily. Too late. :) Just watching his scrawny lil arse walk around looking all guilty yesterday, I decided that I WOULD come back one time after I move all my stuff. I'm going to knock on his door, confront him, tell him what a JOKE he is, and then...yeah, it's time for a good ole knock down drag out. He treated me that way ONLY because I'm a female. If I was a man, he wouldn't have had the BALLS to yell at me (for something that was HIS FAULT, no less!). He knows he was wrong, and yet isn't man enough to just say "I apologize; I was out of line." That would suffice. But no, I'm not letting him off that easy. Ohhh HELLLL no. He's going to SEE what he did, and see it up close and personal. I'm going to show him what 'girls can do.' Hopefully, after I kick his ass, it'll teach him a few lessons for later in life. Guys? NEVER UNDERESTIMATE US. SOME OF US REALLY CAN DO YOU IN, AND WILL. And that's that.

The obligatory quiz (publius13? We're losin' our ESPn)
Time enough for love
You belong in Time Enough For Love. You are older than you look. Your wit and wisdom are prized by others. People throw themselves on you, begging to be with you.

Which Heinlein Book Should You Have Been A Character In?
brought to you by Quizilla

Um. Unfortunately, some of that is correct. I'm going to hide out now.

Back to the grind (puts on maid outfit). Airyone be good (or come get my landlord). :)

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