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Okay. I've told you 1 GAZILLION times to LEAVE ME ALONE. Calling the police now (and for the last time).

Can you not just LIVE YOUR LIFE AND GET OVER IT?!? You're lucky I let you and Pillsbury show up here without being shot. I'm afraid now, it's not going to be so simple. OF ALL YOUR PSYCHOTIC ATTEMPTS AT CONTACTING ME, TODAY WAS THE WORST.

50 ways to lose a stalker
Yeah, that's one which NEEDS to be written out. UNREAL. And what's worse is the Pillsbury Dough Girl, with her uneven eyebrows, her pudgy face, her...nasty, rumpled, cheap appearance. Richard? You NEED SOMEONE LIKE HER. LEAVE ME OUT OF IT.

And why is he furiuosly contacting me? Because he thinks I MIGHT be seeing someone else, just like always. What an idiot. I'd just like to know this from the guys: If a girl tells you "I really think you're disgusting, and HONESTLY don't want you to call (in fact, have so many reports on you in several cities you could go to jail), WHY would you continue to contact that person? I really want to know what's so compelling that makes a man THAT crazy (other than his MMPI results...should've had him institutionalized THEN; better late than never).

That's it. Told him 8 million times to go away, and he INSISTS on staying in my life. This will be the end of his (well...even he admits that his life is horrible, and he has nothing worth living for...he was right; but I'll GIVE him more reasons to NOT want to be in his life, as if he hasn't had enough). The police have told me to ignore him. Um. That's not working. So I've called the detective (and Monday, since I'll be hanging out with attorneys, will get their help, too), and unfortunately, he's gonna spend some time sitting in a cell. No $500 bond, the detective said, because he is dangerous (but only to ME, since I'm the object of his obsession). SOMEBODY PLEASEEEE help me understand how someone could have SO LITTLE PRIDE that they'd DO get your attention??? I mean, really. That's what it boils down to. ZERO PRIDE. He's digressed into...a sub-life that he's ashamed of, and thinks I'M going to join him? NOT. NOT NOW, NOT EVER.

I tried. My calm efforts didn't work; thus, gotta get police involved now (and my judge buddy, who can send him away to a padded room quick). Found out today it won't cost a dime. And with all the reports I've filed (legitimate) and all the times he's been slung against his car in handcuffs for stalking, etc., he's definitely going in this time. Tried to ignore, but that's CLEARLY not working. Can't even have fun with the girls today because of him. THAT. IS. IT.

Of course, like all cowards, he'll run. But they'll find him (thank GOD I wrote down the tag number). Unbelievable. Is it just me? Or do you guys go through this PSYCHOSIS too?!

\revenge actions put into play, for the last time.

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